Friday, February 21, 2014

Late Winter Jukebox, Song 6....The Tower Of Song.


Got a bit of a shocker when I opened an envelope at work the other day.


Because tucked out of the way, up the the top right corner it noted the earliest date that I can voluntarily retire (and we're talking real early, at least in financial terms) is...

November 1, 2014.

Which is scary enough to contemplate all on it's own.

And then I thought of the first two lines of this...

Why real early?...Well, because when you're in the line of science-geekery that I'm in the apprenticeship process (a.k.a. post-docking) doesn't usually end until your mid-thirties...And while our pension plan is good (and please do not misunderstand me - I am in no way even in the slightest complaining about my level of compensation) it is a defined contribution-type deal...Which means that the total time in really matters...Anyway...My hair really is grey...And I do ache a little (sometimes a lot, actually) in the places where I used to play...Ironically, of course, it would appear that the estimable Mr. Cohen, who has probably drawn just about even with Mr. Williams by now, may never retire...


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