Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Horgan Trek...(Not Quite) The Next Generation.

The following was my summary of what John Horgan actually said in an interview with the MoCo (VanIsle division) when he tried to clear the decks for the next generation of potential Dipper commanders last fall:

1) He wants the party to give the new/younger (i.e. non-old guard) MLA's like Mungall, Eby, Hebert and Fleming time to blossom.

2) He is in favour of waiting until 2015 for the Leadership decision to facilitate the above.

3) If Mr. Dix were to step down prior to a 2015 leadership race he would be willing to consider a short stint as interim leader.

4) He seems to be really concerned that, especially if the new/younger folks don't get a chance to really step to the fore, that the BCNDP may truly become a perpetual opposition party.

But the fact that that the next generation/non-old guardians did not even get to the starting gate is, at least in part, why Horgan is back.

And I, for one, am glad he's proud to have the backing of Carole James, the best Premier we never had.

And, as Norm Farrell says, I'm glad he's back for all kinds of important reasons.

Including the really big ones.

And the nitty gritty too.


And one other thing...On a whole other level, I'm glad that Horgan has the media savvy to do stuff like pre-arrange embargoed interviews with the Dean...Why?...Because when the kneecapping starts (and it will), he's going to need to be able to get his message up and out above the noise machine...
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Anonymous said...


Why Dix couldn't win, and why Horgan can?

Anonymous said...

SH: Carole James and now:

Ian Bailey ‏@ianabailey · 1m
.@Dave_Eby signs on as c-chair for @jjhorgan #bcndp leadership campaign. #bcpoli

Bill said...

John Horgan is a winner.

Watching Horgan in the Legislative hallways speaking with the pro Liberal press, on radio and tv, during Question Period grilling the deflective-stonewalling caught in the headlights hapless Liberals - his abilities clearly shine.

He is hard working, quick/smart, honest, knows when to compromise and above all can be trusted to do his best for the majority of British Columbians, not just to a small self-interested 1%.

He will be a strong leader for change and SHEESH do we ever need change.

Alison said...

ToT, Ross, but can you see that big yellow moon out there right now. It's practically orange.