Friday, March 28, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Spin Wins (Again).



At least according to the fine fellow on the TeeVee, who is so proud of all his Twittmachine feed followers, it does:

Of course, this is not the first time that Mr. Baldrey has let us all know that spinning really counts with him.

To wit:

"...As this potentially giant crisis was still developing, Mr. ..... was front and centre with the public. Rather than hiding and adopting a bunker mentality when faced with a disaster for the company, he was out in front of the story, trying to provide information as quickly as possible.

In other words, he was behaving exactly the opposite of how most politicians act when faced with a crisis. The usual experience, from this reporter's perspective, is having to wait for hours outside a cabinet minister's office (or a premier's office) as nervous aides huddle, trying to figure out a damage control plan before saying anything publicly.

Not so with Mr. ........

It's a refreshing approach from the head of a large company, and one that I suspect resonates well with the general public. I ran into Mr. ....... at a Victoria gas station this past weekend, and attendants there were congratulating him for "being upfront" about everything. The radio phone-in shows have also reflected positive reviews - not scientific research, I admit, but my instincts tell me the approach is working...."

And just who's spin was the good Mr. Baldrey in awe of that time?

Why, none other than that very fine fellow whose golden parachute hit all of us, but not him, on the way out, Mr. David Hahn.

And we all know how that turned out, in the end, based on actual substance rather than spin.

Speaking of which, the Snooklandians are moving ahead, on pace and mouths agape, with the previously previewed dismantling the ALR as we know it.

And, as we noted previously, they've set up our parks for a big fall as well.

And, as for the ongoing business of allowing the privateers in our care delivery system to railroad the people who actually do the work to the bottom of the wage and benefit pile? Well, the Wizards of Spin have provided plenty more cover for those finest of the fine folks too.

And, based on the spin and the photo-ops and the non-stop bellowing of the Lotuslandian proMedia herd, you probably thought that the Golden Era of the Knotty Gordian was over, right?


Thanks to Grant G. for the heads-up regarding Mr. Baldrey's latest adventures in Twittland.



Anonymous said...

Re: BC fanboys' spinnerizations ... well, how else would Twisty's dirty laundry come out smell'n Green and fresh?

And ya know, ya need shiny tail-spinners ta 'splain why somes gits grits, and somes gits gravy.

Top BC Ambulance Excutives play their last? card ... Move along folks nothing here to see...

Did softly coddled eggs: President and CEO of the British Columbia Emergency Health Services, Michael McDougall and COO of the British Columbia Ambulance Service Les Fisher get their own self-prescribed "golden parachutes"?

Why were McDougall and Fisher gifted an unprecedented three month paid administrative leave? ... and WHY were they given the option to define the terms of their leaving???

And what about the costs: legal fees and vacation payouts? ... And why did these energetic mega-cronies cast-off so many dedicated managers via "termination without cause", only to replace them with very special old white guys, with one fatal exception? ... see comments below ...

What's up with the remaining be-barnacled BCAS crony-creepers?

Anonymous said...

Does calculating Christy ever real roll her own dice?

Anonymous said...

SH: So Christy's walking on water and dividing loaves and fishes now?

The miracle on the docks doesn't sit well with me.

Some key players aren't getting a little government plumlett down the line are they???

Grant G said...

you want to hear about corruption and totally outrageous actions by Enbridge and Kitimat city coiunsel..?


Sorry but no the Haisla can't vote!

By Larry Walker
2 days ago · According to the rules so far....they do not have a Kitimat address (they are located outside the towns city limits. This a wrong, totally wrong. ·

Grant G said...

Keith BaldreyVerified account‏@keithbaldrey ·
How to get more Twitter followers:

Click this link..

Anonymous said...

Did karma get the cronies?
The government is finally alluding to the open secret:

"No severance in BC Ambulance scandal" CKNW

Now that the CEO of the BC Ambulance Service –and another senior executive– have quit their jobs in what’s being called a ‘personnel matter,’ it’s possible more heads could roll.

The chair of the Provincial Health Services Authority says he can’t disclose exactly why Les Fisher and Michael MacDougall quit, but Wynne Powell admits the investigation into questionable behaviour continues.

He says, “Well, the investigation is closed in regards to those two individuals, but the aftermath of the investigation is still under way…. It was a personnel matter that individuals had a choice in how they acted.”

Because MacDougall and Fisher –who’ve been on paid leave since December– quit, Powell says they’re not entitled to any severance pay.

He’s also expecting replacements to be named soon.

Anonymous said...

Did Harper cause enough trouble in the Putin fiasco, to persuade Europe to buy BC's natural gas? Is that why Christy took her entourage to Ottawa?

The BC media have been the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, propaganda machine for absolute years. One just needs to think back of, the battle of the HST BC people had with the evil Gordon Campbell. Christy Clark called the people fighting the HST, the Taliban.

Anonymous said...

It is incredible the lack of coverage over the ALR changes. During the spring school break as well they announce this change along with changes to park use and activity. There is so little coverage of the Liberals and even then they need spinning from
Keith and his wife because the little press they do get is damaging . Incredible what an investigative reporter who is allowed and is willing to do some coverage could really uncover.
The silence is deafening.

Anonymous said...

And while the Liberal mouthpiece was protecting his & her turf...other media reported was he left out...
G&M: " Although Premier Christy Clark was in the spotlight as a deal was announced this week, Mr. Dias credited Jobs Minister Shirley Bond for meeting unions on the final path to an agreement "

The TC: " a very real statement by one of the leaders representing the truckers
" Dias jokingly thanked the NDP for the filibuster in the house that gave Christy time to come to her senses.”

It's sad that the Liberal mouthpiece walks around with blinders all day.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Comments removed on AM 1130's story re two BCAS execs go for the door...

Comments on Global reveal the back story:

Anonymous said...

The odd time the Pro-media sieve lets the truth seep through:

re fall of the Ill-Lestrius regime:RRU: Royal Roads University "leadership" instructor--Ha!
1 out of 11 comments on Global:Les Isanidiot Phil Cady • 12 minutes ago

"....what is inappropriate is while Les' tiranny is over with the BCAS he is still passing on his hypocritical leadership ideals to unsuspecting students at RRU! He contridicts everything your program represents. Discusting.
His narsicistic actions and sence that he was untouchable is what brought him down. There is much much more to this story then you know. He ruined lives for his own ego.
Now lets look at his leadership. While on his watch paramedics have gone months with a messed up pay roll system, response times are in the toilete, moral is at an all time low, he torn down a memorial dedicated to those paramedics that died in the line of duty, and the are huge budget and preformance issues with the air vac program. And these are only a few. He is not a leader. He is a dictator who is not fit to lead. He got rid of the only leaders that the BCAS ever had that could take the service to new heights. There are so many reasons that he should have been fired but it took inappropriate actions with a female subordinate to get rid of him. This is a great day for our hard working and dedicated paramedics.
Please do your research before you base your thoughts on one side of the story that you have been told."

Hugh said...

Recent changes to Park Act and ALR appear to be designed to allow pipelines, Site C and LNG export to go ahead. Which would be a disaster.

motorcycleguy said...

Hugh....don't forget powerlines through Pinecone-Burke can bet the Upper Pitt IPP will be back on the table now that the Narrows Inlet lake draining project on the Sunshine Coast sailed through Bennett and Polak approval (despite Bennett pontificating on high cost of IPPs and saying he was going to get control of the situation). One of the owners of the Narrows Inlet IPP was/is chief engineer for ROR Power Inc and their Upper Pitt scheme.

RossK said...

Hugh and MCG et al.

I agree.

ALR and Parks goin' down is a huge story that really matters.

So far it looks like one Province staffer is really on the story actually digging on the ALR thing.


The silence is so deafening that even Vicki Huntington can't seem to get the herd's ear.


motorcycleguy said...

This herd's ears have all been very effectively tagged by the BC Liberal media machine.....not only blocks their hearing but monitors their movement and keeps them within their allotted grazing area....a lot of parallels if you read this whole article

RossK said...