Thursday, March 06, 2014

This Day In Snookland: There's No Faith Like Bad Faith



If the Snooklandian Minister responsible for education, Mr. Peter Fassbender, is so interested in negotiated settlements with teachers, why did he and his do the following, as noted by former the former chair of the BCPSEA, Melanie Joy) immediately after they won the last election:

1) Replace elected school trustees on the BC Public School Employers' Association (BCPSEA) board with its own administrator?

2) Appoint its own negotiator in the middle of the current round of bargaining?

3) Replace the senior staff at BCPSEA?



The Snooklandians are now both the paymasters and in control of all aspects of the negotiating?

This despite the fact that they schemed to negotiate in bad faith last time around?


Didn't the judge Griffin have something to say about that in her court ruling that we no longer hear anything about because the proMedia 'round here have spent the last two weeks chasing after shiny baubles labelled 'phony teacher salary averages' and 'meaningless memos'?

Tip 'O The Toque to Grant G for the heads-up on the Op-Ed by M. Joy.



Anonymous said...

You see the BC Liberals have a clean record of not leaking information....
" Harry Bloy somehow received a copy of the email and leaked it to Eminata, in an apparent effort to tip them off about The Province reporter’s investigation.
But when this newspaper started asking questions on the public’s behalf, Bloy’s first instinct was to protect a private company, whose founder gave money to the Liberal Party.
Advanced Education Minister Naomi Yamamoto also has a lot of explaining to do.
The email was sent to her staff, yet she refuses to fully explain how it ended up in the hands of her cabinet colleague. "

Sorry.... I forgot about those two.

Guy in Victoria

davemj said...

Watch question period [Hansard B.C.Ledge Monday March 3rd]The Minster was being questioned about the layoff of care workers and the care of compromised seniors in the center,behind the minster Fastbender seemed to be in a fit of hilarity while Stone seemed to be enjoying the joke as well maybe it was nothing but the optics looked very bad indeed.Were they not listening to the seriousness of this

North Van's Grumps said...

I Just read the latest from Gary Mason, with a luke warm apology that he got the numbers wrong... and then goes on to blame both sides, BCTF and BC Liberals for using the numbers to their advantage. One thing Mr. Mason neglected to point out was that HE, and his fellow professional journalist have been taking the BC Government Side FIRST without question the fine print. Partisan through and through.