Saturday, March 29, 2014

This Day In Snookland...All Your McGuinty's 'R Us.


Seems a former top staffer/political fixer in the old Ontario Liberal regime of Dalton McGuinty is in the news lately.

TorStar's Richard Brennan has the latest on the story:

Laura Miller was arguably the most powerful woman in the final days of Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government.

As the deputy chief of staff — and the brains of the McGuinty’s political operation — she had his ear and strong sense of what the boss wanted.

{snippety do-dah}

.. (Ms.) Miller has been named in an Ontario Provincial Police investigation that alleges government computers were accessed and tampered with.

Critics insist deleted emails pertained to the Grits’ controversial decision to scrap two gas-powered electricity plants — one in Oakville and the other in Mississauga — at a cost of up to $1.1 billion.

It is alleged by the OPP in a search warrant application that McGuinty’s chief of staff, David Livingston, got Miller’s boyfriend, information-technology expert Peter Faist, access to 24 employees’ desktop computers in the premier’s office...

So, given all that...

Wherever do you think Ms. Miller might be doing her fixin' now?


You know...

...A long-time Grit, who grew up in the party’s youth wing, Miller is considered a bright and deft communicator and brilliant political organizer.

Enlisted by Don Guy, McGuinty’s former campaign czar, she parachuted into B.C. to save Premier Christy Clark from defeat in last year’s come-from-behind election victory.

Clark was so impressed she urged Miller to stay behind and run the B.C.’s governing party, so she now commutes between Vancouver and the Toronto home she shares with Faist.


And Don Guy?....Gosh...Which triple-headed flack hackery shoppe does the good Mr. Guy co-own again?...Oh, ya...Now I remember...Sheesh.



Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is how can she refuse a " police interview " ?

Is that available to all Canadians & is the law ?

Guy in Victoria

ron wilton said...

I wonder if the natural gas supply for Ontario's ill fated gas electric plants was to come from BC and or Alberta via Encana perhaps, who former CEO and current chairman of the board, G. Morgan, was/is also chief advisor to the witless one and must be familar with Ms.Miller, one would think.

Is Ms. Miller a member of the former Ontario con
premier Miller's family?

Big business inspired grandiose government schemes that seem designed to fail with great sums of peons money ending up in the miscreants pockets seems to be an ongoing 'business' in Canada.

Unknown said...

You are not required to speak to police if you don't want to. Especially if you are only considered a witness, as Miller is in this case. If you have been detained as a result of a criminal investigation, under the Charter you also largely retain that right to silence. This article might be helpful:

However, the optics of Miller's decision not to cooperate with a serious ongoing criminal investigation are reprehensible, especially as it is alleged that a non-governmental "life partner" of hers may be involved in deleting potential evidence. This scenario should preclude her from consideration for any future high level government employment (ie., executive director)anywhere, at least until Miller has been absolved of any involvement. Except in BC Liberal land, apparently. Interesting article by Gary Dimmock:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark Mounce..... I really appreciate your efforts.

Guy in Victoria

RossK said...

The Dimrock piece in the O'Cit that Mark M. points toward is a good one.


ron w.--

Interesting question re: where was the gas going to come from...

As to family backgrounds and all that...Don't think that is likely an issue here...Instead, I think it is likely more the issue that Mr. Guy found the Snooklandians a good fixer/wizard...And that's what really matters in that fine land...Thus, the post-election elevation to the directorship of their party.


Kim said...

of Kool/Topp/Guy. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Watch for Chrusty to recruit Soudas.

RossK said...


How do we know she hasn't already?


Kim said...

She was a guest in the Gallery in Ottawa today, perhaps a "free trade" agreement is in the works?