Friday, March 28, 2014

It's A Southern Rock Maron-A-Thon!


And it all swirls around the Muscle Shoals session scene, the Athens Ga music explosion that followed, and the best album of the last year.

I highly recommend that you go out of order and listen to Maron get into it with Drive-By-Truckers founder Patterson Hood first.

Then go listen to former trucker Jason Isbell get down to it.

And, along the way, learn about the Dad who wasn't to one of them but who was to the other (and to hell with geneaology).

And, as an aside, you will learn precisely when Southern Rock was invented.

Which, according to Mr. Hood the younger, happened when Duane Allman convinced Wilson Pickett to go out to the crossroads with him and cover 'Hey Jude'.

Seriously (and, especially, when they get to the last chorus)...

And as for that album mentioned above?

Here is the very best song on it...

Sorry Beer...No Shonna...At least not this time.



Danneau said...

Did, and sill do, a bunch of southern, but my first brush with Allman stuff was Boz Scaggs first album with Duane mugging nekkid on the inside fold and lots of pictures of Hood, Hinton, Johnson, Beckett and the crew. Duane was credited with slide and dobro chores, but it sure sounds like a lot of this solo stuff on Loan Me a Dime was Duane. No slight to Boz, a fine guitarist in his own right. Went on to Marshall Tucker and Wet Willie, Georgia Satellites, Lynyrd, ARS and who knows what else.

..tried to embed a Youtube video, no go. Here's the URL:

RossK said...


Thanks for the link and musicological history footnote (and I mean that in the best of best ways).

Have a listen to Marc Maron's interview with Patterson Hood - I think you'll really like it. Maron draws footnotes like yours out of people by the bushelful.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Funny you should mention good Ms. Tucker. Watched the Drive-By's "Dirty South" 30Watt DVD for the first time in a long spell the other day. Found myself sighing at all the inappropriate moments.

And speaking of sighing did you hear how many people showed up for Montreal's latest Festival de Baseball?

RossK said...