Sunday, March 30, 2014

This Day In Snookland...And Justice For (Not Quite) All.


Apropos of something we (but not Lotsuland's proMedia) wrote about yesterday, Paul Willcocks weighs in on the matter of the current executive director of the BC Liberal Party.

First, here's Mr. Willcocks' lede, to set the stage:

No one has to co-operate with the police when they’re investigating a possible crime. You’re free to tell the officers that you have no interest in helping them and won't say a word.

But not if you’re a politician or political operative who hopes to be credible and trusted.

Laura Miller, the executive director of the BC Liberal Party, has refused to meet with police officers from Ontario’s anti-racket squad to answer questions. Police believe she could help with their investigation of breach of trust in an alleged high-level illegal coverup in the office of former premier Dalton McGuinty, where she was deputy chief of staff....

Next, following up on a great piece in the O'Citizen by Gary Dimmrock, Mr. Willcocks gets to the heart of the matter:

...That’s a citizen’s right. But politicians and political parties make a big deal about believing in the justice system, supporting ... police and helping them keep communities safer by co-operating in crime investigations.

When (a) most senior party staffer refuses to sit down answer questions, that all is revealed to be hypocritical rubbish. We want you ordinary people to co-operate wth police, Clark and company are saying. We’ll act in our own self-interest.

And it raises serious questions. Why, exactly, is Miller refusing to answer questions about what she knows? What does Christy Clark think about the party executive director’s refusal to co-operate with an extremely serious police investigation?...



There you have it.

Justice for us...

As for the Snooklandians?


You know...

Red lights and other executive directors of the BC Liberal Party and all that.

Oh...And just in case you were wondering...As Mr. Willcocks also notes...It's not just cult members who are asking why the Lotuslandian herd is not covering this one...



Unknown said...

An interesting article by Gary Mason of the Globe last year. Sets the stage for future acts and introduces all the players. To me, CC is famous for two things: Generously rewarding her supporters and then promptly tossing them under the bus when they become inconvenient. Wondering when McGuinty will show his face in Snooklandia and what was actually discussed during those 90 minutes. Love your blog RossK! somewhat

Anonymous said...

RossK, don't know where to put this...? con-radar went off when I read the tweet below--

What if the fibbers really don't want to destroy our parks, but want to destroy the they send out their Greenified Trojan rescue-horse to smother the confused NDP with eco-horse-droppings?

RegimeChangeVictoria ‏@SteveFilipovic · 30m
about 6000 ppl have signed this petition every hour today! Keep #Fracking out of our Parks! …
121,000! so far! #bcpoli

Grant G said...

Mr. Ross K...I hate to be so bothersome, however, My Willcok`s article was bang on, but you missed the most important part of what Paul wrote..Something I have been writing about for some time now, you too, ..From Paul Willcock`s posting

"Norman Spector has been asking why Miller’s refusal hasn’t been covered in B.C. media. It’s a good question."

Nor has the Amit Virk Kwatlen college scandal been covered, nor has the Air Ambulance scandal been covered by BC`s BIG MEDIA

Good Day

Grant G said...

To make my point people..

Global BC only covers the big stories involving left of center politicians and real juicy scandals.