Thursday, March 06, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Hey Teachers! Where's Your Court Case Now?


First it was the misdirection of the bogus teacher salary numbers.

Now it's a 'memo' about how teachers may actually go on strike if they vote to go on strike.

A memo that may or may not be 'real'.

Dirk Meissner of the CPress has the shiny bauble of a story:

VICTORIA -- The long-standing animosities between British Columbia's unionized teachers and the Liberal government surfaced again Wednesday with the release of a document outlining strike plans, amidst a union strike vote and the resumption of contract talks.

B.C. Teachers' Federation President Jim Iker denied the document was written by the union, but Education Minister Peter Fassbender said the paper was leaked to the government by a union member...

{snippety doo-dah}

...Iker suggested that the government wrote the document, because it distributed the paper.

"It's not a BCTF document," he said. "I'm thinking perhaps it's a government document because they seem to be handing it out. We think it appears to be some sort of political tactic."

Fassbender said the document was provided to the government by a reliable source, whom he would not name.

"My staff would never do that," said Fassbender in connection to Iker's suggestions the document was a government-created document. "I have the utmost confidence in our negotiators and staff. No one would fabricate a document. It was a document we received from a reliable source who was at a meeting in the school district."...


The very fine Mr. Fassbender would never be involved in anything that involved pulling a fast one, right?

I mean, back when he ran PavCo, everything was open and transparent and on the up-and-up there too?

Wasn't it?

Sure it was...

Sort of.



I'm sure that the purveyors of the local version of the tried-and-true quick winning ways of the always misdirecting AilesAtwaterRove strate(r)gy had their cut-out ducks all lined up in a row before they leaked this thing.

Because, even if 'they' didn't write the memo, they did, as Mr. Fassbender makes clear, leak it.

And you know the local proMedia herd will now turn and chase the shiny bauble being dangled in front of their eyes.


Why would the Snooklandians do this very trivial thing?


Who, precisely, is still talking about things that actually matter, things like court decisions, around here now?



North Van's Grumps said...

Time for an FOI fact finder on who accepted the Document AND who was their SOURCE.... BC Government Caucus computers, or Heavens, Brian B.

Anonymous said...

A street-fighter's best game is to distract their opponent and take cheap shots.

It works, who remembers this?:

p.s. Why are they hiding Twisty Christy?


James King, Victoria said...

These are the self-same staff members who, ignoring Madame Justice Griffin's original ruling, turned around and put the same boots to the Teachers that they had already used in the original contract. Who are you gonna believe? And don't forget, Fassbender, when he was a trustee in Langley lo these many years ago, seconded a motion to return to corporal punishment in classrooms.
A tradition of bad faith tends to make even the most jaded observer a little nauseous.

Anonymous said...

It was not long ago another Minister was involved in a leaked document and the government vowed to get to the bottom of just who leaked the document. Of course in that case it was the government that looked bad. Unfortunately I just can't remember the players....but I remember the Minister making sure we all knew the government would find out who the culprit was. I see no effort in this situation. Could it be that it would make them look guilty ?

Guy in Victoria

e.a.f. said...

if Fassbender says he got the doc. from a relible source, and he himself isn't all that reliable, who you gonna believe. the lieberal track record isn't that good, or did someone forget to read the court decison regarding christy's conduct so many yrs ago.

if it come to who to believe, I'll believe the BCTF, not our lieberal provincial government, they of the we won't bring in the HST, we won't break contracts, the list goes on. How can you tell when the lieberals are lying? their lips are moving.

if the document was real and the lieberal thought the BCTF was't going to be bargaining in good faith they would be in court or at the LRB

karen said...

"My staff would never do that."

Excuse me.