Thursday, March 13, 2014

This Day In Snookland: Do As We Don't Say...

...Not As We Don't Do.

Looks like John Les is going to have even more time on his hands to do fun stuff.

You know, fun stuff like lobbying his fellow Snooklandians while driving the back roads of outer Sliverville looking for far-flung plots of farmland to jack out of the ALR for fun and profit.

The MoCo got out of the gate pretty early on this one:

The B.C. government has withdrawn the $140,000 a year consulting job it offered to former member of the legislative assembly John Les, following accusations of political patronage.

On Tuesday, the province announced it was appointing Les to head a new earthquake preparedness consultation.

Les is already a paid member of the government-appointed Farm Industry Review Board as well as a registered paid lobbyist...


How superfluous was Mr. Les' shank of pork?


It turns out his 'former' co-chair, a fine fellow named Henry Renteria, who comes from California, and actually knows something about Earthquake preparedness, will now run the 'consultation' himself.

...The Liberals also appointed Henry Renteria, former director of California's Office of Emergency Services, to co-chair the consultation, which is expected to report back by the end of the year with recommendations to improve B.C.'s ability to deal with a catastrophic earthquake...

{snippety doodle-dandy}

..Renteria will now head the new position alone.



Where the boss doesn't just 'say' anything anymore.

Now she 'does' anything too.

(and does the opposite five minutes later depending on which way the political expediency winds are blowing).

Most of you all probably remember Mr. Les' 'issues' with past land deals and maybe even who he turned to first when the going got bad and he got going...But...Do you remember his most egregious actions as a member of the BC Liberal government?...I sure do.
Again...I've got a memory and I'm going to use it.



Grant G said...

I seem to recall something too.

Anonymous said...

Twisty's just multi-taskin': creat'n jobs, n' direct'n staff'n effishinseas, and tauntin' hubris.

...All that fallow BC land laying there just like dirt, when a guy or a gal with some moxie can do an upgrade...can you blame the syndicate for trying to increase municipal terms by a year?

Getting up to speed on the fiddle takes time folks.

Unknown said...

It would appear that Suzanne Anton has learned the valuable lesson that CC's favourite motto still is "there's always room for one more under my bus."

Anonymous said...

oops SH = 9:24

Anonymous said...

2 interesting observations. First Anton claims that John Les as a Solicitor General would have the qualifications for the position. I checked around & can't find "earthquake preparedness" as a qualification in becoming a lawyer or SG.
Second I read a few hours after the announcement a media release from the Libs that said the Insurance Bureau of Canada praises the Province in tackling this issue. Got me wondering if the IBC sits around looking for such announcements ?
This is definitely a Mickey Mouse operation funded by taxpayers.

Guy in Victoria

e.a.f. said...

No wonder B.C. runs a deficient. They need to keep giving "jobs" to their friends. Oh, well B.C. voters wanted them. Now they have them. re read your old posting.

Nothing has changed the lieberals still don't like children and they still don't do anything to improve their lives. We still have the highest rate of child poverty in Canada, children still die in care, and their education is just something the lieberals play with.

RossK said...


Actually did forget about that one...Thanks.



Absolutely - although Mr. Anton seems to have thrown herself under her own bus as well (see today's follow-up post).


Anon-Near-The-Top/ SH--


And it would appear that they're now starting to carve up the parks for real as well...More on that later.




It is clearly government by press release.

Or, to steal a phrase from Stephen Quinn when he was covering Sam Sullivan's mayoral regime (and, especially, the Glimmer Twins that ran the office) it's the dawning of a new 'Spam-A-Lot'!




And Mr. Les played a part in the willful dismantling/privatization of children and family services under Gordon Campbell and Martyn Brown (as was the current leader of Snooklandia).