Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Where Does CKNW Hurt Most?


You may (or may not) have heard about CKNW's continued slide in the ratings.

Harvey O has a good take on it, here.

This is the nugget in Mr. Oberfeld's post that surprised me least:

...(A)ccording to a Bell Media analysis, it’s even worse for NW now in Breakfast Broadcasts (6 a.m. to 10 a.m.) when Philip Till and Bill Good are on the air. In top spot at that time is The Beat 94.5 FM with a 12.6% share; followed by QM 103.5 FM at 12.4% …with NW trailing way back in TENTH place, with only a 4.3% ratings share.

Of course, the guy who seems to be making out like a bandit (albeit a question reading, answer ignoring bandit) is Rick Cluff, down the dial at CBC-AM.



I've got an idea....

Maybe the geniuses at Corus could impersonate Ted Rogers' boys for a T.O. minute and steal away Mr. Cluff so they can attempt to remake him as the local Strombo-Hero.

And I'm not talking about the goalie on the Twittmachine here.

That way P. Tilly would finally be gone, the Puffmaster Flash would soon fade into obscurity, and Stephen Quinn would take over all of Lotusland before breakfast every day.

And all would be right for the world 'cause I could finally stop missing Hal Wake and Lisa Christiansen would get her own show too.

Or some such thing.

And could somebody in the know please explain to us why Mr. Strombolopoulos wants to become the reincarnation of Ward Cornell? 



James King, Victoria said...

Well, Cluff has already faded into absurdity...That whole Rogers promo of George got a send up on this hour has 22 minutes last night. For some reason the TV was on CBC and I caught the first few minutes - not bad! But not good enough to keep me watching the rest of the half-hour.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Sometimes, even during our present resurgence, I feel like I am the last industrial woodworker on our province's coast. Now I feel like I am the last listener to CKNW. Maybe I am just the last one not wearing an adult diaper on or off air.

RossK said...


I hear you re: the Cluffmaster...But can you imagine the addition by subtraction if he was no longer on the MoCo's morning drive show?...Maybe Rogers will start breaking in half-way-the first period so that they can run CellPhone ads for the 20 mins straight after the puck drops.


How do we know you're not...Especially on those ice cold late winter latenight Sudbury Saturday Night walks with the Hammer down by the Sliverville river's edge when there is just no time (and/or inclination) to stop to go?

Anonymous said...

SH: update re Murphy/Mansbridge adventures in oil land: