Friday, March 07, 2014

The Toews Ascension....Irony Really Is Dead.


From McSushiboy (Glen McGregor's) OCit proBlog:

Much of the response to former public safety minister Vic Toews‘ ascension today to the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench will concern his suitability for the job, the apparent cronyism in appointing a long-time Conservative flag bearer, or a combination of both.

But one angle likely to be glossed over: how the new job will allow Toews to continue to meet onerous court-ordered support payments to his ex-wife.

When Toews left cabinet last summer, he walked away from a salary that accounted for most of the $262,861 in gross income that, according to court records, he reported in 2010.

For most politicians approaching retirement age, the sudden loss of a six-figure salary isn’t usually much of a concern, padded as their exits typically are by the lush MP’s pension plan.

Indeed, Toews also stood to benefit from a Manitoba government pension from his days as a provincial politician and, before that, a Crown prosecutor.

Toews, however, had signed an agreement before his resignation that required him to pay a hefty amount each month to his former wife, Lorraine Fehr...

I'm telling you...

A billion Fonzies in a million Gary Marshall fever dreams couldn't possibly jump that shark.



bcwaterboy said...

Well at least Canada's economic action plan has created one job.

Anonymous said...

The playa gets played:

Judge Danger Toews ‏@DangerToews · 20h
Mandatory minimum sentences for pot, mandatory minimum 6-figure incomes for #CPC cabinet ministers.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta


Anonymous said...

Toews trending on the tweetnasty:

Stephen Lautens ‏@stephenlautens 39m

Vic Toews as a judge? Roman Emperor Caligula made his horse Incitatus a senator just to insult and humiliate the Senate. #cdnpoli

fair_exchange • 18 hours ago

This patronage appointment has breathed life into the corpse of Greg Selinger’s NDP government.
Brian Pallister and the provincial Conservatives will carry this albatross into the next election.

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