Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Secrets Behind The Unfair Elections Act Are...

...Top Secret

Alex Boutillier has the story in the Hamilton Spectator. Here's his lede:

The Conservative government is keeping secret documents prepared for Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre as he drafted the controversial electoral reform bill.

In an unusual move, the Privy Council Office has refused to release all but three pages of a 199-page transition binder prepared for Poilievre when he assumed his cabinet post in July 2013.

Citing cabinet confidence, the department also heavily censored the three pages they released, including a table of contents with most of the contents blacked out...


Reminds me of the good old days.

You know, the days when Railgate apologists and Campellarian aparatchiks hid everything because of, essentially 'bankers' privilege'.




the salamander said...

.. there's Stephen Harper's vaunted transparency and accountability for you.. and all Canadians..

All part of his lame, sick attempt to make Canada unrecognizable to Canadians ..

I'm sorry .. but that's what he said...
when he was hanging out
or bragging in the USA

His formative years so to speak..
when unemployed, and receiving an income
from where ? Daddy ? Mommy ?

RossK said...


Or maybe, perhaps, a Straussian MommyDaddy?