Monday, March 17, 2014

We've Been Livin' In A Dipper Town...The Return Of Mr. Horgan?


If it's not going to be Eby I, for one, was glad to read this late Sunday night, from Ian Bailey in the Globe:

John Horgan, the B.C. NDP opposition house leader and energy critic, appears poised to enter a race to lead the opposition party that has so far been short of candidates.

The Juan de Fuca MLA has scheduled an announcement regarding the leadership on Monday night in Langford, a community in his riding...

If he really is jumping into the ring, can Horgan be all things to all people?

Of course not.


Can he make the bastards pay?


I, for one, am ready to make book on it.

One of our readers has let us know that they are going to be at the announcement this evening...Film at eleven.



Anonymous said...

"can Horgan be all things to all people?"

SH all people who use Hydro because:

RossK said...


Good point.

How about most (of the important) things to the great majority of the people.


At this point I'd even just take fairness, which I know Horgan will do his best to deliver in spades..


Unknown said...

Let's hope Horgan can channel the energies of His Patron Saint Patrick as there are a "liberal" amount of snakes he needs to drive off the Island (Vancouver)

Anonymous said...

Is John running ??? CKNW say's NO

Other media say he will announce tonight.

The media in BC ???

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

SH: Pronouncement from the Bloated Gloaters Club, and summary smack-down:

Keith Baldrey ‏@keithbaldrey · 13h
MLA Rob Fleming only other possible candidate for NDP leadership contest it seems. Contest will very much fly below public's radar. #bcpoli

Mark Shaw ‏@MarkShaw24 · 13h
@keithbaldrey I guess you would know about flying below the radar. Aren't @GlobalBC 's ratings doing the same? #bcpoli

Anonymous said...

SH: The Great Divide:

“I am a deeply superficial person.” Andy Warhol.


“The goofiness of radicals thinking they have to dress in Guatemalan peasant clothes. The poor don't want you to look like them. They want you to dress in a suit and go get them food and water. Comma.”
― Tracy Kidder, Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure the World

(Friend to man: Dr. Paul Farmer

scotty on Denman said...

As the NDP caucus filed out to stand beside North Island MLA Claire Travena, I asked my buddy if that silver-haired man in the black suit, poised like a lion, motionless like a statue, standing well to the side--I asked, "Does that man look like a Premier to you?"

"Yes, I believe he does," was his reply.

scotty on Denman said...

BTW, we figured close to two thousand protesters saw him too, not the few hundred reported in the papers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


e.a.f. said...

Horgan may not be able to be all things to all people but he might be something to the children of this province who have lived with the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for 9 out of 10 yrs.

Horgan might be something to those of us who use the ferries to get on and off our islands and finding it ever more difficult as the lieberal ruin the system, although the feds pay them about $28MILLION a yr.