Saturday, March 01, 2014

The Things You Learn Busking On A Friday Night On Commercial Drive...


...The Legion is the place all the hip young kids are going on a Friday night these days.

...The hip young kids working at JJ Bean across the street from the Legion are actually very nice when you are freezing and need to use the bathroom.

...For some reason, it's easier to let out a fearless wail in the dark.

...When the wailing comes it is actually possible to get people to look up when they are in their cars or, even better, riding a passing bus.

....When the going get's going, it's fun to try and adjust the tempo and volume to complement the rhythm and rhyme of the passing traffic.

...Never play loud when a sleeping baby in a stroller passes by.

...You just can never tell when a song will hit... Quite often Wagon Wheel is our most popular...But last night the Capo II pairing of Abilene/DeadSea hit big...I think it's that E7 chord.

...There are lots good feelings that are manifest in all kinds of ways as the people flow on, but one of the best is when somebody passes, slows, stops and then turns and comes back to drop something in the case.

At the end of last night's hour there was $41.16 in there.

In the case I mean.

Speaking of wailing in the night...Wonder if that time has come to finally take that shot at....This.


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IRUUR1 said...

Running an excerpt and link to this blog entry on the only street culture mag on the net streetiam1 . com. I am assuming this is Vancouver. Vancouver is the only city I know that has much busking on the left coast of Canada