Friday, March 07, 2014

If You Only Read One Blog Post Today...


You will be amazed to read who is, and who has been, driving energy policy in this country.

And it, would appear to still include the lobbyists' lobbyist, the good Mr. Bruce Carson.

Here's the chunk of Alison's post with a BC-twist (but go read it all):

When Carson appeared before the Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment, and Natural Resources in April 2010, in addition to plumping for building a pipeline to move oil from Alberta to BC - Enbridge and TransCanada Pipelines are both member orgs of EPIC - Carson also made a pitch for smart meters.

Nine months later on Jan. 25 2011, BC Hydro gave the first contract for its smart meter program to Corix Utilities, which is (was) half-owned by CAI Capital Management Ltd.

As it happens, yet another EPIC founding chair, David Emerson, was previously made a senior advisor to CAI Capital Management and then the following day he was named CEO and board chair of B.C. Transmission Corp., which "plans, operates and maintains the province's publicly-owned electrical transmission system" for BC Hydro. 

(BC Transmission was privatized by the BC Libs in 2003 and then reabsorbed back into BC Hydro at massive public cost in 2010)




Anonymous said...

SH here, still reading, Vishcouver "it" link doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Rich food RossK, still reading...taking a moment to savour Danneau's comment on Creekside:

Danneau said"...This is where a taxpayer becomes like a congregant in whatever house of worship, putting cash into the collection plate and watching it disappear without a clue about where it goes and what it does. This particular house of worship bows to its own wallet, networks with other houses of worship for mutual benefit and to the exclusion of the aggregate congregation. The clergy gets the gravy and the rubes get to feel good that the bishop is so well dressed."

And then, there's: "When Pope's get all "mavericky":

Anonymous said...

7:59 = SH

The ubiquitous Mr. Emerson sure gets around doesn't he?

Note G West's comment

Anonymous said...

The "honourable" David Emerson shifted allegiance far too quickly for anyone's liking.
When I saw it happen I knew he was nothing more than a parachute candidate for industry and was not there to represent the citizens.