Saturday, March 15, 2014

This Weekend In Snookland...Catching Up On My Dean Reading.



Nobody around here is harder on Vaughn Palmer, especially when he pulls his punches, than me.

But, because it was pretty busy science geek week (we're recruiting two new faculty to our department, both of whom have big equipment as well as spousal issues, and I had a kid visiting from afar who I'm trying to convince to come and work in my own lab; oh ya, I'm also writing a grant and got a big paper off in front of it...All stuff that, apparently, the good Ms. Wente thinks is useless - How's that for a kinghell digression?), I didn't get to something that the Dean wrote early last week until this morning.

Which was his extremely well-researched, thorough, and no-holds-barred piece on how the Snooklandians low-balled the teachers into taking a strike vote:

...Applying the one-size-fits-all approach to public sector bargaining, the teachers should be in line for a settlement under the “cooperative gains” mandate and would thus be in line for an increase of up to four per cent over two years.

Instead, the government’s opening offer in current negotiations was a slap-in-the-face offer of one half of one per cent upon ratification of the next contract and a further one half of one per cent if offset by reductions in the sick leave provisions.

So settlements of up to four per cent for most other public-sector workers and one per cent for teachers, partly predicated on concessions? No wonder the union denounced the offer publicly and called a strike vote...

That is really just one small part of the column, which is really excellent. I highly recommend you go read it all, if you haven't already.



Here's the thing.

In the cacophony that the Snooklandian flack-hackery managed to wurlitzer up over fake average salaries, meaningless memos, and moronic cries of 'Why can't the teachers just tell us what they really want!' from, dare I suggest it, Lotuslandian proMedia pundits much lazier than Mr. Palmer, this critical point re: the low-balling has been lost amongst the noise.

Which, of course, is precisely what the flack-hackery counts on.

Which, of course(r), is exactly why Mr. Palmer, and others who are capable of it, have to write this hard every time out (and, in addition, have to make sure they don't forget the really good, hard stuff they've written three years from now).

Because that is the stuff that changes public opinion for all the right reasons.


Something else I also just got caught up on this morning is a slightly oldish piece from Gay Telese (written in 1966!)...More on that later, maybe (and maybe not for the reason you might be thinking of if you've been stopping by for awhile now)....Gosh I love lazing around on Saturday mornings and letting the mind run...



Anonymous said...

SH: Love lazy sleeting Saturdays in front of the fire, with the big galoot shedder almost unconscious on the couch beside me.

Musing...will Christy get Redforded? She's done worse...

RossK said...

For me it's the flying squirrel kitten that is doing the shedding.

And will she?

You mean for this?


Was that a rhetorical question?


Anonymous said...

SH: Yes, rhetorical.

The 8:01ers are still in the shadows biding their time. The real money doesn't give a giggle or a wiggle about her, it's the dynasty thing.

Redford (or Redfraud as one commenter fondly refers to her) handed the old boys the gift they were waiting for.

Christy is not likely to get Antonized tomorrow, or the next day. But the vultures will be watching and waiting too.

Premier- in-waiting Mikey De Jong will keep his powder dry for now?

They all knew that her election promises were nothing more than little fraudlettes to appease the hard of thinking. There is a leadership vacuum in this province and "they" don't want the NDP assuming that role.

The Air Christy stuff, like other Christeps, was irrelevant to the old boys, who'd likely have done the same, sans saris.

As G West commented Christy's gangsta's are pushing power playa's away...

The question is how long can Fortress Christy survive unbreached?

Anonymous said...

North Shore News:

"Meanwhile, if B.C. really needs more high-paying public service jobs that don't accomplish anything and don't require any skills other than loyalty to the governing party, there's always the option of creating a senate."

Sign me up for the senate option, NOW please. The senate did wonders for Steve didn't they? Does Christy deserve less? I'd like to have all the slippery hacks and cronies all nice and visible like cozy fish in a barrel.

A few poisson for a working list: Gordon Wilson, Ben Stewart, Harry Bloy, John Les, Suzanne Anton, Eric Foster, John Yap, Andrew Weaver (budget enabler), Moe Sihota, (note Bollywood photo op qualifier), Kim Haakstad et al:

See more at:

Anonymous said...

Blame it all on George Costanza or the lawyers:

Anonymous said...

OOPs SH not id'd re 2:01

..failed to sign in successfully on Captcha, and neglected to add id ... darn you enigmatic beast!