Saturday, March 01, 2014

Teacher's Salaries: There Are Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics, And...

...Gary Mason?

Update: Follow-up post, with crowd-sourced data, is....Here.

From Mr. Mason's recent Globe column in which he says the BCTF is crazy for talkin' salaries because, at least in part:

...Statistics Canada figures for 2010-11 have been interpreted by some, including the provincial government, as showing B.C. teachers’ salaries are the second-highest among the provinces, earning an average of $80,582, excluding benefits and an enviable pension fund...


But where, exactly, did that $80,582 per year average salary in 2010/11 number come from anyway?

Most certainly not from the BC government's own published data:

Double Hmmmmm..

'Cause I sure don't see $80K (which teachers deserve, regardless) there anywhere, right through 2012/13 - even with 'allowances'


Tip O' The Toque to teacher Dave McCristall on the Twittmachine for not taking the first thing fed to him as gospel.



Anonymous said...

Smilin' Mike's gumshoe gotcha question:

Mike Smyth ‏@MikeSmythNews · Feb 27

Simple question for the B.C. Teachers Federation: how much do you want?

Paul Ramsey said...

On the one hand, he's supposedly quoting statscan info, not gov't info, but on the other hand, I can't get statscan to spit out a number like he got either. In fact, the statscan numbers look much like the gov't ones.

North Van's Grumps said...

RossK, check your email for the screen shot.

You mean this:

Table 14
Average remuneration 1 per educator in public elementary and secondary schools, Canada, provinces and territories, 2006/2007
to 2010/2011 (in current dollars)

Page 22 of 61

Google Search Criteria:

BC Teacher Statistics Province Public Schools Average FTE salary 80582

North Van's Grumps said...

Check out Page 23 of the Document above for the lowest number
Alberta: 6,711.5
British Columbia: 5,723.4
Table 16 Operating expenditures
in public elementary and secondary schools, Canada, provinces and territories, 2006/2007 to 2010/2011
(in millions of current dollars)

Marionetta said...

This is where the G & M and the Sun got the figure:

It lumps in teachers with admin staff.

Paul Ramsey said...

Hilarious, the page actually says "Care should be taken with cross jurisdictional comparison. The proportion of educators (comprising a mix of teachers, administrators and pedagogical support) and their respective remuneration differs in each jurisdiction." And cross jurisdictional comparison is exactly the context the number is used in,

RossK said...

Extremely hilarious.

Particularly the lumping.

After all we all know that administrators make way, way less than teachers.



Will Mr. Mason make a correction?

Thanks all.


Anonymous said...


"After all we all know that administrators make way, way less than teachers.



This is useful for comparison:

James King, Victoria said...

Have you posted a 'correction' on Gary's article?

Not that he's likely to notice until the hockey game is over.

RossK said...

'Tis comin' JK.

Perhaps 'clarification' would be a better descriptor at this point.


Anonymous said...

To stretch the hockey analogy, the Liberals are finessing/playing two pucks on the ice with the teachers, and now with BC Ambulance Service paramedics.

A very recent in-house memo from the recycled PHSA president and CEO has announced a virtual town hall early this week to announce his plans, and get "feedback".

This after 2.5 (likely unprecedented) months of hefty legal fees and rich salaries for the former CEO and COO (a hundred + G's a month) who are on admin leave. What will he say to the $2 on-call part-time paramedics?

Over the past many months, and more recently, many brave paramedics have already expressed their frustration on Tsakumis' blog. It is certain the PAB has alerted the CEO to concerns raised on the blog, yet nothing changes. Moreover, there is no opportunity for anonymous whistle-blowers in his format.