Sunday, March 09, 2014

If You Only Read One Blog Post Today...

...Go read the latest from Sooey.

Because in it she explains why the resignation of the CEO of Sun News is actually a good thing for the Straussians running Steve.


Well, it involves the importance of a resurgent PQ in Quebec to the Straussians.

To get the entire story you'll need to go read the entire post (which is actually quite short).

But the kicker alone is enough for me...

"...A weaker Canada is a stronger tarsands development industry. Wake up, people..."

Wake up, indeed.




e.a.f. said...

If Quebec goes and oil can remains P.M. more provinces will leave. Then it won't be having to negotiate with provinces, it will be having to negotiate with other countries.

A break up of the country would also provide an opportunity to get out of the FTAs oil can is tying us into. If Canada doesn't exsist then who exactly are the free trade agreements with?

RossK said...

Good points both e.a.f.