Monday, March 31, 2014

This Afternoon In Snookland...National Press Gallery Finally Asks The Question Lotuslandian ProMedia Ignored Over Weekend.


Well, well, well....

Looks like somebody in the proMedia finally asked the Premier of BC about her former campaign fixer and the current executive director of her political party, Ms. Laura Miller.

...“She (Miller) is a person of absolutely sterling character, and she works incredibly hard for our party and our province,” Clark told reporters in Ottawa. “She is a person of the utmost integrity and we’re really, really lucky to have her in B.C. . . . of course, you know, she is not the target of this investigation.”...

Please note the location of the reporters that Ms. Clark spoke to on this matter.

And please also note that that location was neither Victoria nor Vancouver.

Once again, as they did with Ms. Clark's bald-faced lies on 'job creation' in the run-up to the last election, the local proMedia herd/steno-club has failed us.

And, just to counter Ms. Clark's spin-jamming (it's known as a 'follow-up' herd members - you might want to try it sometime)...While Ms. Miller may not, technically, be the 'target' of said investigation, she was approached by the police and refused to talk to them....As we and Paul Willcocks noted yesterday, that is the real crux of the matter when it comes to the 'integrity', not of Ms. Miller, but of Ms. Clark, her government and her political party.



North Van's Grumps said...

Ontario: Livingston, who through his lawyer has maintained he did nothing wrong, is being investigated for breach of trust for allegedly having an outsider access government computers containing sensitive information.

BC is one step ahead of these guys, the wiping of the BC Rail files, on government computers, were wiped clean by INSIDERS in May of 2005.

Lew said...

Time for Christy to order up another thorough investigation by little Johnny Dyble.

Kim said...


bcwaterboy said...

One now has to wonder how long Ms Miller's character will retain it's sterling gloss. So pathetic that we have a talking bobble head at the helm who will say just about anything and so desperately wants us to believe her. If just a tad little more info gets out, like hypothetically speaking she orchestrated a massive coverup, Christy will ensure that the bus she drives so often over those who get in her way, will leave indelible tread marks on poor Ms Miller's face.

North Van's Grumps said...

BC Liberal headquarters houses a trio of firsts. Brian Bonney (double dipping), Kim Haakstad (Ethnic Memo to file), and Laura Miller (Integrity.....)the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.


Unknown said...

I'm curious where Ms. Clark obtained her intimate knowledge of police procedures, and of this file in particular, to make a comment like that. In complex investigations such as this one, there are often multiple targets. There may be a large neon one on Miller right now for all she knows. Her bio says she "studied" at the Sorbonne, but I think studying a menu at the campus cafeteria doesn't quite qualify.

RossK said...


Quite a triumverate...

But I think, perhaps, you missed the fourth muskateer.

Mark M--

Well, you know...

Academic tourism and all that.

And, speaking of never graduating, remember how they went after somebody because they didn't like 'where' they graduated from during the last election cycle?




After all, it's about time that the good Mr. Dyble did something to garner another sizeable increase in his loyalty....errrr....compensation package.

(number crunching, of course, by Norm Farrell)

Thanks Kim.