Thursday, December 04, 2014

Advent Jukebox...Day 4...(Short-Lived) Winter Wonderland.


The image above is what it looked like this morning as I rode in to work out on the farthest western edge of Lotusland.

By the time I left for home it was all gone.

The Winter I mean.


Was the final exam of my big large enrolment pre-meditative type class today...You always learn something new even when you are the one supposedly asking the questions...Anyway...There's this cell type deep in the lungs that makes the slippery stuff that helps keep the airways open...They're called 'Clara' cells...Or at least they used to be...One of my students said I should have a look at...This...As a result, next year I'll be calling them 'Club' cells instead.



Anonymous said...

At least you didn't see any sparkle ponies.Any CC sightings.better luck with Bigfoot I guess.maybe looking for LNG rainbow

RossK said...

No CC sightings--

But I do see the actual MLA for that riding, Mr. Eby, occasionally, Last time he was striding through family housing rather purposefully.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I am of two minds on the nomenclature of the Clara cell thing. Having the cell named after a National Socialist of the lowest order taught your student a big lesson after all when she opened up the internet (in all likelihood) and discovered the grim connection. If the cell had been named something else the connection between its discoverer and its name might just be lost in time.

RossK said...


Ahhhh, point taken, but....

I should have given more back-story...

When I'm teaching this stuff I always make a big fuss when any person's 'name' gets stuck on something because that often obscures what the thing actually is or does.

Thus 'Club' cell is a way better name because it actually looks like a little club sitting in the bronchiolar lining where it's all ready to release little packets of slippery, goopy stuff out its popped top that helps keep the airways open and clear.