Wednesday, December 24, 2014

If He's Gonna Have To Serve Somebody, It Might As Well Be Clement Moore.


'Twas The Night Before Christmas, as enunciated by the bottomless voice of Mr. Dylan...

Merry Christmas Everyone!



Sd said...

Merry Christmas RossK and family !

Beijing York said...

Now that was a treat! Merry Christmas to you too, Ross and best wishes for the New Year to you and yours.

RossK said...

'Twas a treat, indeed.

In the genius of teh Googleplex, I got there from the Lou Reed version of Blue Christmas...

Merry Christmas Sd and BY!


scotty on denman said...

Man! I sure spent a lot of money trying to get a voice like that! Fortunately, though it's been a number of years since giving up the Tom Waits recipe for vocal idiosyncrasy (like, no more Gaulois and Cognac), I keep getting closer nonetheless.

Happy everything, Ross K, to you and yours.


RossK said...


There is another way...

You could get a kinghell rhino virus-driven upper respiratory mucus fest followed by streptococcal chaser.

Kinda/sorta like I have right now.

You will sound like Mess'rs Dylan, Waits and Jennings (he of the wailin') all rolled into one.