Friday, December 19, 2014

Does Harvey O Know The Real Reason We Are Being Saddled With Site C?


Why yes, I think Mr. Oberfeld might:

...This week, the Liberals launched their campaign for 2017 … although no one seemed to realize that (especially the media, who are supposed to be “professional” observers and analysts!).

The announcement that the government will proceed with the Site C Hydro project, was largely proclaimed … not by the Minister responsible for BC Hydro Bill Bennett … but by Premier Christy Clark herself.

She LOVES to take credit for all BIG projects that the Liberals believe MOST BC voters will approve: that should have been the hint of what’s really happening.

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Thousands of jobs … not only up north (heartland!) but that the Libs believe WILL be under way, despite all the legal challenges, environmental protestors’ threats and any other obstacles that the $8.8 Billion project will face in the next year or two...


You can argue that this is actually a crazy-legged take on the thing given the total fantasy that the LNG Seven Multination Sparkle Pony Army has turned out to be.

But, before you do please remember the following...

1) Those paying attention (and that includes you Grant) knew it was a fantasy from the beginning (i.e. before Pamela Martin even started to run for that elevator).

2) The Lotuslandian proMedia, even though they knew it too, pretty much played the fantasy game straight up throughout the election period (i.e. it is only recently that they have begun to rein in expectations - surprise!)

3) In terms of raw politics, the fantasy strate(r)gy worked.


What's the way out of this proMedia-assisted paradox of debt doom wherein the electorate can be periodically bamboozled into voting against both reality and their own best interests?

I have my ideas...

Feel free to tell us yours.



Anonymous said...

The first thing needed is pressure for a housecleaning at the Leg. Press Gallery.

There are excellent reporters in BC along with the stenographers, yes, even in the official gallery there are some good ones, but the stenographers are in the dominant positions.

The public has to demand it. Highly recommend following Integrity BC and other orgs who are trying to make things better.


RossK said...


I agree with those suggestions.

But I think calling the stenographers on their 'product' as you so often do on the Twittmachine is vital as well.


Grant G said...

A way out...Yes there is a way out, maybe not a way out of "stenographer" reporting, or as I see it, non-reporting from the big 3 or 4 legislature clubsy reporters.

The way out is up to John Horgan, leader of the NDP..

I won`t say what that out is, only that John Horgan was sent information from The Straight Goods, from you know who..

john Horgan as of a few days ago possesses the answer, information if played right could rock BC`s electorate into the 21st century and save British Columbia a cool $10 billion.

Only time, strategic skill and courage will tell...

Ball is out of my court.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Promote Virk to IT cabinet position
and all is not well.

Revelstoke site 6 ,for 420 million dollars, to make 500 mw electricity would make too much sense.

Hold on
We just bought some IPP energy hit the BC Hydro dam bypass switch!

Anonymous said...

RossK said...


Paraphrasing FDR...Get out there and make me do it.


If you've got the goods give them to us so that we can help do the making.


Grant G said...

Well Mr. K...

I`m prepared to compromise with those wanting the answer.

John Horgan will be given a chance to respond with actions..

And I`m not prepared to be ignored by the mainstream media during this holiday season..Year-end interviews and fluff n puff articles while the masses look for mall parking spots..

I will have a major Straight Goods release early in the New Year.

However...I gave John Horgan a little bit of time to formulate a fiscal and strategic response....

If our "loyal Opposition" goes to ground or pulls an Adrian Dix shrinking violet Monty Python satirical skit then...

Then The Straight Goods, along with allies Ross K..Norm Farrell..Damien Gillis and other(Twitter allies) will strike...

Stay tuned

RossK said...



Thanks for the clarification.


Anonymous said...

214,326 litres

Bill said...

Given the BC Liberals ongoing challenges maybe instead of new dams and all the other promised mega projects we should just encourage them to build more elevators?

I wonder what the MSStenographers will be getting in their Christmas stockings - Liberal bonuses, lumps of coal or the Straight Goods.

Christmas cheer to you Ross and many thanks for all your postings.

RossK said...

Christmas Cheer to you and yours too Bill!

And thanks or all your great comments and contributions.


And what will they get?....Hmmmmmm...Gosh...Haven't many of their spouses already gotten it?


cfvua said...

Hello. Harvey's campaign suggestion isn't totally off the wall as what better time to make this announcement. Offshore gas shipping promo scheme well into failure mode( called LNG by some) lots of other stats that point to mediocre performance, adding to the list of previous failures that we all need to re-familiarize ourselves and our contacts with.
Now if the project does not go ahead, blame can be placed at whomever's feet it is convenient at the time.
And all the goods can be handed out as plumb gifts to the IPP folks. Which may have been the endgame all along.
Come election time Bankers and Big Construction are told that "we tried" and the IPP are rewarded with lucrative power purchase contracts that will assist in the further bankrupting of BC Hydro.
And that way even if they lose, their friends still win.

RossK said...


So you figure...

Heads they win, tails we lose?


cfvua said...

Hello. Exactly. They will have a fall back plan and this hokey announcement makes it easy to keep spraying money around purchasing support locally and provincially. Most of which will end up in friendly pockets to be dutifully returned prior to election time. Rates and ratepayers be dammed!! Those northern hicks know not what they need so we will tell them!

Anonymous said...