Tuesday, December 16, 2014

This Day In Clarkland...What Else Will Be Dumped On 'C' Day?



Apparently Ms. Clark's minister responsible is going to make an announcement on the site C dam today.

And who knows what he's going to say given the bizarre increasing of the price tag last week and the even more bizarre 'Coal for Christmas' follies over the weekend.

After all, it's not like the fine folks of Clarkland have given us a coherent policy framework to follow or anything.

But here's what I'm really wondering....

What trash will be dumped by the government behind the huge media spin cycle that will be cranked up by this announcement so that no one will really notice.

A huge cut to a social program?

An announcement that all school trustees will immediately be replaced by factbending missionaries?

News that BC Ferries will now be subsidizing helicopter routes to make British Columbia's bureaucrats even more efficient?


Maybe something that really matters like, say, oh I dunno....

The dumping of documents about those Health Ministry firings?



Anonymous said...

Or maybe elimination of ferry fuel surcharge!

North Van's Grumps said...

factbending sp. fastbendering

Coal for Christmas sp Coal from Scrooge

Anonymous said...

fastbending sp. fastbendering sp. fassbender-ing

James King, Victoria said...

Re the Health Ministry FIrings, this might have something interesting in it:

sd said...

What ever it is it won't be based on logic (for the people) !

North Van's Grumps said...

Health Ministry Firings - James King - Part 3 is 195 pages of emails and it's deja vu time just like the BC Rail disclosure documents. Scanned. No way to search for specific words.

Documents Part 1 and Part 2 are program writing.... more or less

North Van's Grumps said...

Page 195 of 195

.... as I walked upstairs that day I began to wonder whether I, as a PSD Director, should really be emailing documents directly to an ADM, and when I asked my ED, Darlene Therrien about that, she agreed. So, what we are doing is I'm writing an Info Briefing Note on this for my ADM, and suggesting that he perhaps use that to come and have a meeting with you on this issue. (I do have the old 1996 Data Access Policy, and my ideas on how to improve data access will of course by in the Briefing Note.) ..............

Hugh said...

Lots of callers in to CBC radio expressing good opinions against Site C.

Anonymous said...

now reported 8.8 then 9 billion by CBC
by 2020 BC Liberals will have BC debt near 80-100 Billion dollars
debt just updated recently to 64 billion plus 9 billion for dam and 3 billion for tunnel bridge.

Anonymous said...

Hey 989 years to go to get BC rail lease back.


RossK said...



And a lease is not a sale, so everything's good...right.


Thanks for the initial digging on the docs folks...


e.a.f. said...

LNG didn't work out. Coal isn't going to work out. So Christy needs something for a photo op: Site C. Never letting anything real stand in her way, she is just so o,k. with that. Never mind the B.C. Lieberals say they can't afford to let children keep the child support their parents pay, because Christy really needs that $17Million, now gee suddenly they have $8.77Billion to build a dam. Now what is it: is the province so broke they can't afford to let kids, living at 50% below the poverty line, keep $17M or are we so rich we have $8.77B to build a dam.

of course ms. photo op seems to have forgotten about people living on the land and even some owning that land. Of course by the time it gets through court, she can always blame others for the failure of Site C.

Christy has "green lighted" so many things, she looks like a Christmas tree and has displayed about the same amount of brains.

Anonymous said...



hmmm 500 mw 500 million dollars -Site 6
hmmm 1100 mw 11 billion dollars !!!-Site C

Anonymous said...

Bc foster kids flounder while this boondoggle?


Families first premier