Monday, December 15, 2014

History Belongs To Those That Write It.


If history really does belong to those that write it I, for one, sure am glad that an excellent blogpost from  Jim Quail, prompted Charlie Smith of the GStraight to take a good, hard look at the record of the BC Liberal's 'Mr. Competence', Rich Coleman:

Here are a couple of snippets, but the entire thing is worth reading (note the echoes, also, of the digging of Norm Farrell):

...(W)here the deputy premier really risks embarrassment is with LNG.

As I reported earlier this year, the B.C. Liberal government woefully missed the mark on its forecasts for natural-gas revenues. That's because politicians like Coleman and senior bureaucrats misread the impact of America's fracking boom.

Here's a figure that highlights the level of incompetence: in the 2010–11 budget forecast, provincial natural-gas revenues were expected to reach $1.25 billion by 2012–13.

The real figure turned out to be $144 million. That's a $1.1-billion forecasting error by the B.C. Liberal government!

{snippety doo-dah}

...Lawyer Jim Quail wondered in his blog post how the media would cover an NDP government promising that a "wonderful new industry" would "eliminate the provincial debt", only to see companies "dropping out of the game one at a time", with the biggest "shelving their plans, probably for up to 10 to 15 years".

He then urged his readers to imagine if this NDP government were still claiming that this new industry "was a done deal and would be operating in full gear by 2020", and "if the press still covered this fiasco as though the NDP government knew what it was doing and might be telling voters the truth".

"But that's what's happening in British Columbia in the Liberal government's LNG fantasy," Quail noted. "If they were the NDP, they would be laughed out of office."

And this is why Coleman can expect much rougher treatment from historians than he'll ever receive from the B.C. media...

As for Mr. Smith's dig at the 'B.C. media'?


You know.


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