Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The P3 Principle...What They Really Cost.


Well, well, well...

It looks like the Auditor General of Ontario agrees with idiot bloggers with no established credibility when it comes to the real cost of public private profiteering (a.k.a. 'Alternative Financing and Procurement') (bottom of pg 197):

"...When the province constructs public-sector facilities such as hospitals, courthouses and schools, it can either manage and fund the construction itself or have the private sector finance and deliver the facilities. For 74 infrastructure projects (either com- pleted or under way) where Infrastructure Ontario concluded that private-sector project delivery (under the Alternative Financing and Procurement [AFP] approach) would be more cost effective, we noted that the tangible costs (such as construction, financing, legal services, engineering services and project management services) were estimated to be nearly $8 billion higher than they were estimated to be if the projects were contracted out and managed by the public sector..."


What did that $8 billion cost Ontarians?

Well, Michael Butler of the Council of Canadians has done a wee bit of calculating:

· 20,000 more hospital beds operating year-round


· 27 Community Hospitals


· 19930 acute care beds


· Around a 15.4% increase of annual health care budget


· 26,060 new doctors for a year


· 82,000 new nurses for a year


When they (and I'm not just talking about Pols and their flying surrender monkeys here) say there is no money to do the right things...

They're full of shite.

Pure and simple.

Of course, those super fine folks from the fantabulous 'Canadian Taxpayers Federation' will be all over this, right?....Especially the leader of the local Lotulandian division given that we have had our fair share of costly 'alternative financing and procurement' type deals 'round here....Well...Maybe....Not....But if we spend taxdollars on the wages of the folks that actually do stuff for us?...To the ramparts!



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Meanwhile over at the F3 dept(foreign families first?)

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bid rigging/corruption ?
SNC.dont they work here also?