Thursday, December 11, 2014

Quotable Quotes...The Flack-Hackery Follies.


From a recent piece by Mychalo Prystupa in the VObserver:

...(T)he company won an injunction on Nov.25 to forbid ....(protesters)... and others from interfering further...

{snippety doo-dah}

In October, the company's VP said in an earlier court victory:

"I think the fact that we got the injunction alone is pretty much a win for us," Steve Robertson told the CBC....


Kinder Morgan in all their Burnaby Mountainish injunctatorial glory?

Good guess, but no.

Instead, the good Mr. Robertson quoted above works for those super fine folks from Imperial Metals who are working their own injunctatorial jujitsu to keep protestors like the Klabona Keepers away from their next big tailing pond project located very close to the headwaters of the Skeena, Nas and Stikine rivers.



It's almost like the Mount Polley disaster never happened.

But why should anybody worry about a little hiccup like that.

After all, it's not like anybody from the company, or the folks working for the company, or the provincial government knew there was a problem there ahead of time or anything.




scotty on denman said...

Old Spittleface Bill did say Mount Polley never happened...and if it did, it isn't that bad.

Lew said...

And if it is that bad, it's bad in a really good way...

Anonymous said...

reported elseware.
what about spouses?

Anonymous said...

Norm Farrell said...

What about the spouses? Indeed.

Perhaps Tom Fletcher and Sean Leslie could explain how their families' receipts of 7-figures in salaries for a number of years working as government information officers (OIC) provides no benefit to the newsmen and therefore, is not a conflict of issue.

Just as Ottawa journalists choose to not report on marital troubles of senior politicians, BC's corporate media, because conflicts of interest are part of their own business plans, ignore conflicts of interest.

Bet old Flying Phil wished those rules were in effect when he was using a government jet for personal and family travel.

RossK said...

If flyin' Phil flew in today...

He'd be a prince among the puffed-up proMedia punditry.