Tuesday, December 02, 2014

This Day In Clarkland...Government By Photo-Op


In case you missed it, the Snooklandians held a 'jobs skills summit' thingy for a select group of public school students last week during Grey Cup week in conjunction with the BC Lions, Pepsi and the Donut Hole Co.

Because, I guess, every parent's dream is to have their kid go on to fame or fortune slinging soft drinks and junkfood for PavCo.

Speaking of which...

The school kids stuck at Minister Fassbender's table sure looked happy, eh?

Interestingly, Kelowna Now, who did a little stenoing of the story, served up three photos of fine Snooklandian role models for kids...Ministers Fassbender, Virk and the quick winner himself, John Yap...And where did the images come from...Why, straight from the Snooklandian government's Flickr page, of course...
No word if this very fine event was funded by the reported $3 million subsidy that you and I apparently paid to make the week long Grey Cup party happen...Gosh, is the CFL a government enterprise?...Or is it just socialist?...But, hey, seriously, compared to eight figures of public money for a bogus Bollywood awards show, what's $3 million anyway...After all, it's not like we couldn't use a few more librarians, or park rangers, or ferry runs 'round here, right?
Thanks to reader Guy in Victoria for the heads-up on this one.



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The good taxpayers of BC sure have a lot of extra cash when they believe it's the right thing to do to fund a football game.
It's too bad the MSM avoided that issue in it's reports.
The Liberal MLA's should be forced to ask those taxpayers waiting for surgery if football is more important.
These are the same Liberals that continue to cut social services such as Senior Centres.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

How bout running red light camera photo op.?

Anonymous said...

Grey Cup entertainers Imagine Dragons has some cool tunes, But...

You would think there might have been some Canadian songsters around...

Especially after CC got her knickers in a knot over the Prince Rupert ferry dock "Buy American" policy.