Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas In Clarkland...One Last Lump Of Coal Under The Tree.


Remember how the Clark government, in an official pronouncement that would make the Empress passing through Potemkin proud, told us to ask/expect/hope/shop for lumps of coal for Christmas?


That was the literal.

The following, as reported recently by the VSun's Rob Shaw, I think (although I'm not entirely sure, given the gobsmackery), is the metaphorical:

The company behind a new casino-hotel at BC Place is getting a sweeter share of the pot from the province’s lottery corporation in order to help pay for underground parking.

The resort project, spearheaded by Paragon Gaming, has special permission from the B.C. Lottery Corporation to temporarily take an extra commission off gambling revenues at its existing Edgewater casino to help pay for the new underground parkade...

I mean, it's not like we haven't already built the fine folks from Paragon, and their two emissaries who just happen to be former heads of the BC Lottery Corporation, a $600 million dollar magic carpet to stave-off their 'deal breaker' or given them a sweet subsidy deal that will cost us millions more every single year already.



The coal.

It's so shiny and bright.

And it will be so darned functional when we are finally forced to try and burn it in the fireplace to generate all that wonderful warmth and light and heat that the fine folks in Clarkland are promising us at the front door while the Grinch and his herd of vicious antler-dogs and flying surrender monkeys sneak in through the back.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Us?....We'll be sugar-coating our lumps of coal with the cost of the ferry fare to the Island later today...There will be much music....That you can be sure of...Not sure if littler e. is bringing the tap dancing board, however.



Grant G said...

Say hello to the ocean for me Mr. K

Merry Christmas to you and yours, including a special hello to must be getting bigger e.

I know...He`ll always be Littler e. to you.


Anonymous said...

was it sold as a diamond that lump of coal.?
we suspects so?

400 million viewers bollywood bc
100,000 jobs
1 trillion dollar benefit
999 year BC rail lease (989 years to go)
number lover?

and my car doesnt get the mpg advertised either?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

And I heard premier exclaim, as BC cranked up the press,
Wish your kids Merry Christmas, they'll inherit this mess!"?
After all coal is just a diamond in the rough bowl.

Sorry for the .?
mis spoke?
mis number?
mis spent?

karen said...

Merry Christmas RossK!

RossK said...

Merry Christmas Grant and karen!

Thanks, too, for the poem Anon-Above!


Anonymous said...