Saturday, December 27, 2014

This Day In Clarkland...Doing Their Best To Hurt The Kids That Need Our Help Most.


I really, really don't understand it.

Because I honestly believe that, deep down at least, the 'empathetic' Christy Clark really does want to help those kids amongst us that need our help most.


If there really and truly is some empathy for the downtrodden, why is Ms. Clark, as reported today by the VTimesColonist's Sarah Petrescu, allowing the following to continue:

At 14, Rosalie Sothcott would rather be playing rugby or listening to music than going to the B.C. legislature or her MLA’s office to speak out against childhood poverty.

“It was strange at first, but I saw it was important,” Rosalie said. “The past few years have been pretty tough.”

In 2012, a workplace injury left Rosalie’s mother, Jessi Sothcott, with just a $1,000 per month Person With Disability benefit to live on. The 40-year-old single mother thought she could earn an extra $800 without being penalized.

She was shocked to find out child support payments were included in her benefit, so the $197 she received would be clawed back by the provincial government from her monthly income...

Shades of that 'practice' of not really, no-siree taking away Christmas gifts for kids in our care who have been separated from their parents who have not yet been placed with foster families.

It really is shocking, this business of allowing Ministries to gouge the heart out of their core business to hit budget targets that will make upper management look good and, dare I suggest it, hit year-end goals that will hit personal paydirt.

Also good on the VTC for publishing an editorial on what is NOT in the McNeil report on the Health Ministry firings...Unfortunately, it was  a week late given the timing of the Clarkland document dump....So.... Will anybody even care by the Monday after next when everything finally gets back to normal in proMedia land?



Lew said...

Two questions come immediately to mind.

If Ms. Sothcott was injured and disabled at work, where is the WCB disability pension and/or occupational retraining to a job that she would be capable of performing with the disability? Both are supposed WCB responsibilities after a workplace injury.

Can you point us to any demonstrable evidence of Christy Clark’s deep want to help kids that need it most?

e.a.f. said...

Lew, sometimes people are injured at work and there was no WCB coverage or WCB has deemed them fit for work, when the actually can't work again.

To expect someone to raise a child on the amount of money paid to people on disability, is simply child abuse. to take the child support away from the child is "theft under $5K".

Even if Christy Clark is as dumb as some of us think she is, she knows how much it costs to feed a child. The amount of money allocated for it by the provincial government, is simply inadequate and the children are most likely suffering from malnutrition.

It would be interesting if the child took the government to the human rights tribunal and filed a complaint. You see her mother gets less to raise her than foster families get to look after a child. Therefore she is being discriminated against on the basis of family status. the same might be said of the child support. If it were income from and "employer' she gets to keep up to $800 per month, but because it comes from a parent, they have it taken away. Perhaps someone might think that was also discrimination on the basis of age and family status. Would Pivot or some such organization or young lawyer be interested in taking it up. Hey an old bored lawyer would do just as well. If nothing else it will make people see it on the news for awhile.

How about if a group of these parents simply dropped several hundred of these children off at the local Welfare office saying they could no longer look after them, but still wanted contact. let the government scramble to deal with that one. Back in the day, it might have been the 70s or prior there were about 6 or 7 Moms who took their kids to a Welfare office and told them to take them into custody, because they could not look after them on what they were paid. It got great media coverage. I do not recall how it turned out, but the women did keep their kids and they did get extra assistance. At the time the issue was children who were with their parents, well those parents got a lot less money for looking after them than foster parents, so there might be something there.

really, right now people having been donating to charities and food banks to ensure people have adequate food and such. It is another form of taxation. If it were not for the money and work of charities, we really would see more families living on the street, as in homeless.

Christy and stevie con can talk all they want about how great it is, but over Christmas I got to see how bad it really was. Homeless families living in travel trailers. My god this is Canada, where we sent hundred of millions in foreign aid and spend billions on military. well we ought to start dealing with some of the poverty in Canada and dealing with the war on the children of this country. It will not turn out well for Canada, if this generation of children, 1 in 6, is poor grow into adulthood this way. They can only import skilled workers and professionals for so long.

RossK said...


I'm just assuming, I hope not incorrectly, that any sentient human, deep down inside, understands the need to help a kid when they are stuck in a very tough place not in their own making.


Lew said...

RossK, I believe yours is an honest assumption made by a good man. I assume you are a good man because I see much evidence of it.

But an assumption is an unproved starting point, a belief without proof, and a hypothesis that must be tested before it rises to anything more than a theory.

If Christy Clark has anything deep inside her that understands the need to help a kid when they are stuck in a very tough place not in their own making, she keeps it very well hidden. The evidence so far shows that rather than help that kid, she is busy making even stickier tough places, while fluffing the pillows of those that don’t need or deserve it.

I have an assumption that says all sentient beings are not issued empathy as standard equipment. Christy is helping me prove it.

RossK said...


Got it.

It's that old addage, I guess, about what you make of you and me when you 'assume' anything.