Tuesday, December 30, 2014

This Day In Clarkland...Hey Rubes! (Sales Tax Edition)



Ms. Clark isn't even going to pretend to support that sales tax increase to pay for transportation infrastructure improvements that she has backed us into a corner on.

What a surprise.

It's almost as if Ms. Clark is running flat-out with an upfront, bald-faced 'Total Abdication Of Responsibility' strategy for governing the province of British Columbia these days.
If you want, I guess, you can read Mikey Mike's Dean-assisted super-duper in-depth analysis on Clarkland's latest non-move in The Province....Here.
Meanwhile...That McNeil Report thingy that was doc-dumped by the Clarklandians the Friday before Christmas?....Gone...All Gone.



Anonymous said...

I guess it's okay to spend 11 million dollars on a Bollywood party but not support taxes for public transportation. I'm not so sure she should worry about that... after all her party was re-elected despite the biggest debt in history.
What I'd really like to learn is why did she choose India for a holiday ? Was it personal invitation accompanied by airline tickets ? With Christy Clark it's not as simple as showing her son about the poor. There has to be another reason.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Isn't ditzy Christy going to India, to give them a LNG project? You know? The 100,000 LNG jobs for BC people she campaigned on? Nexen of China paid for, 800 hectares near Prince Rupert to build their LNG plant.

Then there are Christy's thousands of six figure wage mine jobs? Everyone wants one of those jobs.

After all? Christy did chide Harper and Kenny on their TFW program. Christy said, she needs thousands of TFW for all of her resource projects.

Anonymous said...

More time in Asia than sitting in BC.NOW THATS ACCOUNTABILITY..?

Anonymous said...

Maybe premier meant 1000 year plan for site C or 990 year lease, like BC Rail?

North Van's Grumps said...

Maybe Christy learned from her past experience of the HST to know that a .05 percent sales tax wouldn't fly in Metro Vancouver.

Lew said...

“Dad, can I buy a new bike?”
“Sure, Sally. If you pay for it out of your allowance.”
“But I don’t get enough to pay for it by myself.”
“Then ask your mother for an increase in your allowance.”
“I did. She says she pays my allowance from what you give her for household expenses and she knows you’ll blow up if she asks you for an increase. And you won’t let her get a job.”
“Maybe she can cut back on things. Or ask your brother Bobby to chip in.”
“Why should he help to pay for my bike? And that reminds me, you helped him buy his new one.”
“Look, Sally. You’ve known for a while you’d outgrow that bike and you should have been saving for a new one. Besides, I think you can probably stretch a couple more years out of it. It was plenty big when I gave it to you.”
“You make me buy things other kids get from their parents, so how can I save?”
“Figure it out. But let me know what you guys come up with. I’m the breadwinner in this family and I’ll let you know whether I approve.”


“Yes, Sally?”
“Have you ever thought of getting a divorce?”

scotty on denman said...

Christy charges ahead ad absurdum because of the licence she thinks we gave her in the last election. Whether she knows it or not, she has a use, ideally, as the boosting titular rump of gutted public service and trust that neo-rightists dream about, where nothing more of government can be expected than facile absurdity, Christy's stamp being the eye-popping preposterousness with a smirk. Nothing has to make sense, and we're supposed to love it like an Edith Prickly pshaw with an elbow to the ribs: her Minister says she's committed, but see maintains not; LNG will wipeout debt and provide jobs, but her government would give the stuff away, manned,ad absurdum by TFWs; Families First while studiously maintaining the worst child poverty in the land, and so on.

The extended municipal term intends to look like the that of the sovereign government. She has every expectation we'll be gulled by another effective tax increase, cumulatively now having long since wiped out the dough that was supposed to be better left in taxpayers' pockets, because we've been mostly as gullible regards other increases like MSP premiums, ferry and hydro rates and all types of sundry fees, forfeitures, fines and other stuff her government's sure we haven't twigged to.

At this point in her mandate, Christy has no reason to stop. Indeed, she probably can't.