Saturday, December 06, 2014

Hey, Mr. Solomon!...I'll Tell You Where The Real Spin (Really) Lives.


I managed to get through almost six minutes of Evan Solomon's little MoCo radio show this morning before I just had to turned the darned thing off.

It started with Mr. Solomon telling us that a big chunk of the show was going to be about how difficult it is for the public to understand what's really what in national politics what with all the spinning and obfuscating and hiding of information and so on that's going on.

Or some such thing.

Then Mr. Solomon's producers played a clip from James Moore talking about how Burger King's agreement to keep a head office in Canada after 'the takeover' is really a big win for Canadians because the Harper government pushed for it because Canadians want it.

Or some such thingyier thing or other.


Mr. Solomon, and Mr. Moore, and the producers at 'The House' (and the newsroom at the MoCo which had just run with the same story, as they have all week, on the 9:00am newscast), do know that this 'merger' the Donut Hole Co. is really just a tax dodge because we, Canada, are now the new Caymans for big US MultiNats, right?

And then....

On came Jim Prentice who told Mr. Solomon that all the pollution produced by the Tar Sands is actually just composed of 'so-called upstream emissions' and thus everything's just fine with pipelines if they were to just keep pumping and pumping the crap that takes huge amounts of 'so-called', but real, pollution to produce.

And Mr. Solomon just let it lie there.

And moved on.

Spin, and corrosive dilbit-driven codswallop on the public airwaves, indeed.

But I will not let this destroy my Saturday...Rain or shine the Whackadoodle and I will go to the beach...Then I will head to the lab because an editor has given us marching orders on the 'revisions' we have to do for a paper, based on the peer reviews, and I get to do the experiment!....I'm telling you, it's like a late fall Saturday of my boyhood-road-hockey-under-red-brick-Monterey-schoolyard-pink-light-sky dreams...Only difference?...There will be no RC Cola after I'm done...
Ohhhh!....And even better, tonight the Geezers will be running down the Setlist for next weekend's big show...And the best part?....Well, we've got a new featured vocalist (the second one, not the first)!



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