Thursday, December 11, 2014

Goodbye Wimpy Roy.


Unlike Mr. Beer 'N Hockey, I remember the first time I saw The Subhumans very clearly.

It was at the Smiling Buddha.

Circa late 1979 or early 1980.

And their front man (who Joe Keithley says invented crowd surfing), Brian 'Wimpy Roy' Goble, politely told a nice sharp young newishly wavey couple sitting right up front to go to heckfire in a handbasket when they requested a very popular tune of the time from that nice sharply turned-out Joe Jackson fellow.

Regardless, it was a night that made my friends and I realize that, 'Hey! we can do that too.'

And we did.

Not very successfully, mind you.

But we sure had a helluva lot of fun in the doing.

Which is what counts, I think.


Mr. Goble passed away last weekend of a heart attack.

You can read a nice passel of Mr. Shithead's fine memories of his lifelong friend...



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