Wednesday, December 03, 2014

This (Groundhog) Day In Snookland...The Booze Offensive.


How's this for a lede to make you weep (and/or cry in your beer).

From Bob Mackin in The Tyee:

Even though greater challenges face the province, the price of beer, wine and spirits in British Columbia, and limits on their sale and marketing, have been contentious points for generations.

So it's hardly a coincidence that whenever the political kitchen has become too hot for the BC Liberals under Premier Christy Clark, they've reached into the communications cooler for a cold one with which to distract the public and divert attention from the controversy du jour....

Uncle Bob then makes good in his cause and spin effect claim later in his piece.

Go read it.


And then ask yourself...

How much are all the Snooklandian communications wizards who work this stuff, hard, costing us?



Anonymous said...

BC Liberals favorite game .spin the bottle.?squirrel

North Van's Grumps said...

And for those of us that don't drink booze, the price remains the same, death on the highways