Sunday, December 10, 2017

Advent Jukebox, Day 10....Bigger Than Christmas.

'Happy XMas (War Is Over)', recorded in 1971, was a holiday audio amplification of John and Yoko's protests against the Vietnam war that really got going in 1969 when they put up a whole bunch of billboards like the one above in 12 major American cities.

When Lennon was asked how much the billboard campaign he answered thusly:

"I don't know, but it's cheaper than somebody's life."


I've started and stopped trying to do this tune a number of times over the Advent Jukebox years.


I think it is because Lennon's voice is one of the few I'm truly intimidated by - even for tiny little fun in the winter sun projects like this.

Not really sure how I got the gumption up this year, but here goes...




Danneau said...

Lovely rendition. In the privacy of my own rec room "studio", I'm quite fearless about undertaking other people's music, and I do songs in a way that fits my uneven voice and whatever feeble guitar chops I can muster. Different story in front of other folks. I have to say that the vid of Bigger E arriving from Montreal several years back and Blue Christmas broke out.

Also appreciated is the choice of material. Sadly, 46 years on, and war isn't even close to being over, despite your best efforts and those of many sane people. So a well-deserved Merry Christmas to you and all the RossK family.

Anonymous said...

I've started and stopped trying to do this tune a number of tunes over the Advent Jukebox years.