Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Money Laundering...In Colwood?


First, this post has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the casino around the corner and down the busy street from my Dad's house that is located in one of Victoria's western communities.

Second, the beach walk from Esquimalt Lagoon to Albert Head is a darned fine stand-in for the North-Arm-of-the-Fraser-meets-the-Salish-Sea walk that the Whackadoodle and I usually take.

Anyway, moving on...

Tonight, as we were starting to pack up for the trip home, littler e. was very relieved to find that the twenty dollar bill tucked away in of the pockets of her jeans was still intact after it went through the wash.

'Money laundering!' her Grandpops exclaimed.

Call Sam Cooper.




Eleanor Gregory said...

Already done that! My hubby frequently leaves coins in the pockets of his clothing. If I somehow miss extracting said coins before putting clothing in wash then the resulting wet and clean clothing has facilitated money laundering.

P.S. if the coins are still in the pockets when the clothes get into the dryer you can usually hear them clinking around as the dryer operates.

RossK said...


The dryer has a built-in money laundering alarm!


e.a.f. said...

I refer to it as a saving plan. If it survived the laundry, I actually saved it.

RossK said...