Saturday, December 02, 2017

Conflictyness Is Us....Of School Districts And Senators.


From  a piece by Diane Strandberg in yesterday's Lotuslandian local Tri-City News:

Keeping strong ties with China is necessary to maintain (Coquitlam) School District 43’s international education program, which now makes up 10% of the district’s revenue, says board of education chair Kerri Palmer Isaak.

During spring break, a large contingent of SD43 administrators, teachers and four school trustees went to China to learn about the culture and meet education officials and mayors who are responsible for public school education there...


The trip is paid for by the Chinese government through Hanban and the 10-day visit is a good use of trustees’ and staff time, Palmer Isaak said...


From an editorial in today's Globe:

First-class trips are fun, particularly when someone else is paying; everyone enjoys travelling in the style to which they've become accustomed...


...The problem is not that Canadian politicians are travelling abroad. The problem is that these "free" trips aren't really free. The people footing the bills are doing so to exercise influence on our elected officials, whether overtly or more subtly. Those picking up the tab are at the very least buying the time of MPs and Senators. It's not a good look...


We must stop this codswallop.


Because it's about much more than just what is 'expected' by those that buy our public officials'  creaturely comforts.




Anonymous said...

operation sidewinder 2.0?

e.a.f. said...

It would not be unreasonable to conclude those school trustees are more interested in the education of students from Communist China than those of the citizens of Canada. Its about time that stopped. Yes, I know they get money from the foreign students, but the system doesn't really benefit Canadian students. The foreign students are not as fluent in English/French as they ought to be and are in fact holding our Canadian students back. These children are not Canadians and Canadian schools ought to be for Canadians and landed immigrants, etc.

The fact these politicians are flying at the expense of foreign governments ought to be outlawed. There is an undue influence present. I don't care what the politicians tell you about how "neutral" they are, when some one gives you a gift of several thousand dollars that you could never afford yourself, you think differently about the giver. Its time those politicians stayed home and "investigated" what those living in Canada need and not those living in communist China, especially the needs of Indigenous Canadians.

If children come from Communist China to be educated in Canada, then they can just get in the swim of it or go home. We do not need to tailor our education system for them. It might be so much better if the education system was tailored for Canadians, especially Indigenous Canadians, but hey I guess they get left out, they're not rich enough.

RossK said...

My issue is more general e.a.f.--

When public officials take a benefit from anyone it will inevitably impinge on their decision-making process in ways that will just as inevitably ultimately not be in the public interest.