Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Advent Jukebox, Day 17....Christmastime is Danko Time!

After Robbie Robertson and his own private Yoko Ono, Martin Scorsese, blew up the Band in 1976 Rick Danko quickly put together his own troupe and headed back out on the road.

One of the Robertson tunes Danko took with him was 'Christmas Must Be Tonight' which he turned into a stomping rag as only he can (see above).

Here's my take on the original, more subdued, version...

Interestingly, in the '80's Robertson tried to reclaim the tune by re-recording it, twice...Personally, I don't think a drum machine adequately replaced Levon Helm.
Want a little more expositional ramallamadingdongage on the tunes on offer? You can find it...Here (scroll down past the player).


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