Saturday, December 02, 2017

Mr. Eby Has Further Concerns About The Lotuslandian Whaling Industry.....Errrrr... 'The Vancouver Model'


David Eby spoke out, albeit still guardedly, about our money laundering problem at a local anti-corruption conference yesterday.

Postmedia's Sam Cooper gives a full report....Here.

There's tons to chew on in Mr. Cooper's report, including Mr. Eby's support of whistleblower protection for those who spill the beans, but the following, in my opinion, is the real, concrete kicker of the thing:

"...Eby also announced that the first recommendations by Peter German, Eby’s independent reviewer into allegations of money laundering in B.C. casinos, will be released on Tuesday..."

And here Mess'rs Coleman and De Jong thought question period ended last week.

If you get my drift.



Anonymous said...

the greenback 2 step?

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, have Peter German check and see how much of a kick back the Liberal party got. It only took the new government a short time to figure out what was happening the Liberals on the other hand turned a blind eye. They wouldn't do that unless there was something in it for them.

North Van's Grumps said...

Peter German hasn't donated any money to any political party in British Columbia, however ..... Casino donations to BC Liberal Party sorted dated from May 2017 backwards.

The BC Government should ask that there is a rewrite done by ElectionsBC on their FRPC database to include 'Field' eg. Casino and another 'Field' LNG and another "Field' Lobbyists and ......

Anonymous said...

And the feds have been nowhere in site for 16 years.
libs and cons 2 peas in a pod?

Anonymous said...

Did we just have a decade of fake guvmment?

otr said...

The level and depth of corruption is mind-boggling.

And it is not just the failure of one sector. It is a systems failure where multiple players turned a blind eye or actively colluded: justice, police, gaming and government, both local, provincial and federal. This is going to take years to clean up.

e.a.f. said...

the province doesn't have years to clean up this mess. it needs to be done in about 2 years.

one does still wonder who attended all those private soirees at $10K and up. makes you wonder how much else was "forked" over.