Monday, December 04, 2017

High Wattage BC Liberal Leadership Candidate Fights Back Against The Obviousness Of Ron.


Well, well, well....

The campaign of one Ms. Diane Watts has started leaking internal polling for wurlitzering and, surprise!, their highly adulterated tea leaves say she's way out in front.

Or some such codswallop.

Bob Mackin has the story. Here's a chunk out of his lede:

Dianne Watts’ pollster, Innovative Research Group, surveyed BC Liberal members on the final weekend of November, and claims 30% prefer the former Surrey Mayor on the first ballot.

The one-page summary leaked to theBreaker contains no details about the polling methodology. Internal polls are not always the most-reliable barometer, because they are not independent and sometimes used strategically to rally volunteers and donors.

Innovative claims Watts’ closest challenger is Mike de Jong, with 14% first ballot preference, followed by Todd Stone (11%), Andrew Wilkinson (9%), Michael Lee (5%) and ex-Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan (4%)...

What's it all about this time Alfie?

For answers (or not), see...This.

Another interesting tidbit in Mr. Mackin's piece?....
Well, in addition to Marky Mark, clean slate candidate Michael Lee, a very fine fellow whom Ron Obvious recently described as 'young, smart, articulate, telegenic and highly likeable', is also being run by a  local Liberal pary rainmaker  who, according to the Horsemen at least, partook in a most interesting conversation with Mr. David Basi back in the days of yore.
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Lew said...

Regarding the Basi conversation: if a ministerial aide had an inkling to illegally pass on sensitive government documents to an "outside" party, wouldn't the last person that aide would give them to be the brother of the deputy premier of that government? The aide would have to be incredibly stupid, or incredibly comfortable with the deputy premier and her brother being on the same page.

And why wouldn't that aide charge for the service when he charged others for the same thing? Why the freebie?

Willy said...

That list looks like the contestants in a turd tasting competition.

e.a.f. said...

Michael Lee, guess they think they can pick up the urban vote, like they have in Richmond. Might not work though. If murkey marky is backing him, they still must sense there is money for the financial elites to make in B.C. On the other hand, by the time Eby gets finished looking at money laundering, some might be in jail.

Anonymous said...

world class money laundering complicit enablers?