Sunday, December 03, 2017

LNG Over Saanich Inlet...Yet Another Sparkle Pony Bites The Dust.


As Grant G. predicted from the very beginning, one of the Steelhead LNG projects, the one that would have put a processing plant into the pleasure boat infested waters of Saanich Inlet on Southern Vancouver Island, is now officially dead.

Mostly because it was never born, or even truly conceived, immaculately or otherwise.

Here's the lede of a report from Ben O'Hara on the unexaggerated death of yet another Sparkle Pony from CHEK News on the Island:

Steelhead LNG will no longer be looking at building a floating LNG processing plant on Malahat First Nation owned Bamberton industrial lands.

The project was announced for the Saanich Inlet south of Mill Bay in August of 2015.

The proposed floating liquefaction facility moored to shore would have had capacity to process up to six million tonnes of LNG per year.

It immediately proved controversial garnering stiff opposition including from other First Nations in the area.

Late Friday, Steelhead LNG confirmed it is no longer moving ahead with the project...




Were there not rumours that the people's champion of Shawnigan Lake and current Cowichan Valley Green MLA Sonia Fursteneau went to a picnic on the beach at Bamberton provincial park  back in the summer?


Blame Rugby!



Lew said...

Mr. Black will have to dust off his traditional oil refinery promise for the next election. Doesn't have the cachet of authentic sparkle ponies, but is an old favourite in times of need.

Keith. said...

The next to bite the dust, Bamfield.?

John's Aghast said...

I believe Bamfield is Steelhead. One of the more preposterous schemes spawned by Chrispy's LNG voodoo.

RossK said...


Bamfield is Steelhead t(w)oo...

Ask yourself this... Who made/is making all the 'consultant'-type money on this codswallop?


North Van's Grumps said...

Steelhead FRPC Donations

Anonymous said...

spiked by the triliion doller unicorn

e.a.f. said...

hey didn't that former news reader tell us or ask us about wanting all those trillions of dollars. oh, well its not snowing so....she moved along to Palm Springs was it.