Monday, December 11, 2017

Site C....Now That The Deed Is Done, Which Voting Block Will Be The Happiest?


From Angus Reid's polling earlier this fall:

Thing is, we Dipper supporters could always be counted on to fall in line in the past because we had nowhere else to go.

As for now....


And, at times like these (and/or at times like yesterday, literally), it might be best for the braintrust to think like Rick Barnes.



Anonymous said...

I'm 70 next month. I've voted NDP in every provincial and federal election my whole life.

I will seriously consider voting Green next time


JR said...

I am in the same boat as Mike. I have voted NDP since the early 70's and now feel totally betrayed. I just contacted the BC NDP and told them they have kissed my vote and the other three members of my family votes goodbye. I had high hopes for this coalition government but am disgusted by this decision. Good Bye NDP and hello to the Greens.

Sub-Boreal said...

The dilemma for this life-long Dipper is that the Greens are quite right-wing on many economic policies - look at how they're stalling the implementation of $15 minimum wage.

Then there's Weaver's cheerleading for the IPPs - just as ruinous to BC Hydro as any of the other Liberal thievery.

Finally, there's what is best summed up as the flake factor - I can imagine being at a Green meeting, and it would be like being stuck at the worst potluck imaginable, where everyone is trying to out-do the others with tales of imaginary food allergies.

What to do, what to do ...

In the short run, the constructive thing is to cancel any monthly donation plans, and make sure you let the party office know why, and that you intend to direct those funds to support the just-announced First Nations legal actions.

Anonymous said...

I don't have much, but I'd gladly give some to support the First Nations legal action. I'm really disappointed by the NDP's decision regarding Site C. I feel like there is no one left to vote for. I guess this is how people like Trump get elected.

Feel completely disillusioned. Another sad day for BC.

Anonymous said...

-vote green
-13 years of flat demand
-buying IPP premium pay power and selling surplus power -sounds like a lawsuit.
-Moodys debt credit downgrade potential
-less money for other items beacuse of 11 billion mega dam.


3.85 down to 2.85

-keeyask/bipole3- muskrat - site c now

Rob said...

My entire family have been NDP supporters since the late sixties. I have made a monthly donation for years. I informed them that I would cancel my donations and we would not be voting NDP if they proceeded with Site-C. I just cancelled!

Anonymous said...

in a few weeks we can start to say 14 years of flat demand .Well march 31 2018 anyway?

Anonymous said...


John emoted defeat, and shame.

A day that will be etched on my brain..

…And a sad year for the Left, the Federal NDP leadership was bought, and those votes made safe for the Liberal-Conservative soft coalition.

The good news: the clock is ticking down, and a new generation will step up.

Anonymous said...

Progressives and party of the people. Who would have thought. Not a penny, not a vote. Them clowns at the top did not disappoint, they did as they were told. To quote Nikola Tesla " Free energy doesn't need to be discovered, it only needs to be released to the public". Sad day for BC indeed.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The right thing to do is the right thing to do. I’ll wait for the poll about four years hence.

Anonymous said...

so who do we vote for now. Well as for me, its still the NDP because in my opinion, the current leader of the greens is just a B.C. Lieberal in a shabby suit giving the impression he is smart and knows things the rest of us don't. Won't buy that jug of cool aid. Now if the Greens had another leader, who knows, but as long as the Greens have their current leader, no votes from me.

As to the Site C decision, it bums me out and I was having a good day with the sun and all. However, one decision does not make a government so I'll wait until election time.

We have other pressing problems such as money landrying via the casinos, the Bacon brother having the charges stayed, homelessness, lack of teachers, lack of affordable housing because our housing is owned by offshore individuals, etc. We know the B.C. lieberals can't do better. they had 16 years and still kept "screwing" everything up and helped along the money laundering, the handing out of contracts to those nearest and dearest to them. The Greens, well nothing says they will be any better than the B.C. Lieberals with their current leader. Horgan, maybe all we have to go with.

Anonymous said...

fillin the swamp back up?

Chuckstraight said...

Have voted ndp for 40 years. That will end now.

paul said...

I wonder if disenchanted NDP supporters will be more inclined to support electoral reform as a result of this decision?

With some form of more proportional representation, voting Green will be a real option for them in 2021 (assuming the government lasts that long). They can express dissatisfaction and know they will be represented in the legislature.

Without it, in many ridings, they'll have to accept the risk that voting Green will bring the return of the Liberals.

RossK said...


Personally, I think I fit into the category you describe initially.

Regarding the willingness to face the vote splitting...I don't think I could go there based on where I live (Lower Mainland, central division)

But if I lived on South Van Isle where there is likely to be a real shot at electing more Greens?...Not sure how I would swing.

It's going to be very interesting to see how things go, especially amongst young folks whose allegiances appear to be a lot more dynamic than us olds.