Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Site C, The Aftermath (ctd)... The Mikening.


As you might expect, there are all kinds of codswallopanarianisms in Mikey Mike's latest, but why not go straight to the kicker:

"...I’d say there are few people who look more foolish in this entire affair than (Green Party leader Andrew) Weaver.

Weaver could have demanded Horgan kill the Site C dam as his price for supporting the NDP in their power-sharing agreement. I asked him why he didn’t and his answer was amazing.

“What would our trump card be if they said No?” he asked.

The “trump card” would have been refusing to prop up the NDP government, of course. If Weaver had done that, Horgan would have folded like a cheap lawn chair..."


And if Horgan had not done so?

Where would Mr. Weaver and the Greens be now?


More to the point, where would we be?


Sometimes I really do wonder if Mr. Smyth does think that this is all just a game of three card monty that mysteriously starts up whenever he, himself, walks into the James Bay Inn and the distractatorial tongues automatically get to wagging.




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e.a.f. said...

ah, perhaps Mikey doesn't get it. First the higher road. Mr. Weaver and the Greens are taking the long picture/road on this one. They may not be happy with the Site C decision. However, if there were an election and the B.C. Lieberals were to win, then guess all those other things the Greens and the citizens of the province need/want, will not come to pass. No new safeguards for tenants, roll back of the increases in welfare and disability payments, tolls back on the bridges which has a big impact on lower mainland workers, and the money laundering at the casino's comes back with us totally unaware of it, be contracts to financial supporters--hey laundry boy in the Interior.

Now the less, whatever view, if the NDP makes more unfavourable decisions, and the B.C. Lieberals are totally exposed, then the Greens will be the way to vote in 4 years and Weaver will have his dream of being Premier. Either way, its a win for the Greens, either the high or low road.

Personally not happy with the decision, but my goal will now be to live long enough to see how it turns out. The decision has been made, lets get on with things and not spend all our time tearing Horgan apart because we do know how well things were for so many with the B.C. Lieberals and all that money that went through the casinos.