Friday, December 29, 2017

When A 'Democracy Centre' Becomes Monty Hall.



Because it's all 'Dealine' all the time where these very, very fine folks are concerned.

Imagine that!

Tip O' The Toque to Mark Shaw on the Twittmachine.
The Keef says that the LINO's have doubled their membership...Hmmmm...Wonder if the Klout Klub has been killin' it with the kitty kat set this time around.
Subheader?....Ol' Monty was from....Winnipeg.



Anonymous said...

Aint nuthin going on but the rent that limited donations heve been reeled in .?

Lulymay said...

Is this the Manning "Non Profit" or the "Training" Centre for all those right wing nut wannabe's???

Cheers, to all for the coming year.

Keith. said...

But if you call in the next 20 minutes, we’ll double the offer. Just pay a separate shipping and handling fee.

Anonymous said...

when politicians are not concerned with public opinion...

Lew said...

I wonder if Manning's deal will include memorabilia like photos of an iron snowbird?

RossK said...


There is absolutely no truth to the rumour whatsoever that the good Mr. Manning actually secretly adores a certain Broadway musical tribute to makin' the...




You just know that no matter what, when push comes to power grabbing shove, the ends will always be used to justify the Nicky-the-K means.




You mean there's no bonus Popeil Pocket Fisherman as part of the double-down deal?



First rule of Con Club...

...When times are tough money always speaks louder than public opinion.

Second rule of Con Club...

Expedience Rules!



I think the really big deal behind door number three is that CastIron Surrey Eagle.

Or some such thing.


Anonymous said...

any nation that expects to be ignorant and free expects what never was and never will be

RossK said...