Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Advent Jukebox, Day 21....I'll Be Home For Christmas.

Here's hoping everyone gets there, be it a physical place or a state of mind.


Another interesting story about this tune's authorship also...

...Controversy has surrounded "I'll Be Home for Christmas," since it was first published. The label on Bing Crosby's recording of "I'll Be Home for Christmas" credits it to Kent, Gannon, and Ram. Later recordings usually credit only Kent and Gannon. The discrepancy arose from the fact that on December 21, 1942 Buck Ram copyrighted a song titled "I'll Be Home for Christmas (Tho' Just in Memory)" although that version bore little or no resemblance, other than its title, to the Crosby recording. A song titled "I'll Be Home for Christmas" was also copyrighted on August 24, 1943, by Walter Kent (music) and James "Kim" Gannon (words). Kent and Gannon revised and re-copyrighted their song on September 27, 1943, and it was this version that Bing Crosby made famous.[4]

According to (legendary Platters producer and songwriter 'Buck') Ram and newspaper articles from the era, Ram wrote the lyrics to "I'll Be Home For Christmas" as a gift for his mother when he was a sixteen-year-old college student. In 1942, Ram's publisher chose to hold the song for release because they were going to release Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" first. Not completely satisfied with the song, Ram discussed his concerns with casual acquaintances Kent and Gannon in a bar. He left a copy of the song with them but never discussed it with them again. Both Ram and his publisher were shocked when the song was released. Ram's publisher sued and won...

Imagine that!

As per usual, you can catch up with all the Advent Juke tunes, and more stories behind the various songs....Here....Have now topped 13,000  listens this year.



motorcycleguy said...

That is very interesting. Every year I put on my Mom's original jacketed "White Christmas" album, Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters. How a piece of plastic survives having hardest substance known to man being dragged over it since 1952 is beyond me. Now I will have to re-read the credits. Merry Christmas RossK.

Hugh said...

Vancouver real estate ponzi as shown in Vancouver Sun today:

“What happens if the real estate market stops going up the way it has been? It is hard to make a project like that work without (condo) price increases. God forbid we get a price decline.”

All that needs to happen is prices going up, every year, for ever. Ponzis tend to not end well.


Hugh said...

Merry Christmas and God forbid we have a price decline.

Scotty on Denman said...

The hell kinda name’s “Buck Ram?”

Song titles cannot be copyrighted, just the lyrics and musical composition (more than one song is titled “PS, I Love You,” for example). Sonny Boy Williamson II was so impressed by Sonny Boy Williamson I that he appropriated his name, all perfectly legal.

Mory Amsterdam the comedian could not successfully defend his theft of “Rum and Coca-Cola” from its Jamaican song-writer whom Louis Nizer represented in court and details in his book My Life in Court (a fascinating account that typifies the basic arguments used in most such suits).

Canadian song-writer Hagood Hardy did successfully defend against a claim he’d stolen his most famous number a little-known composer(I think it was detailed in Eddy Greenspan’s book — another lawyer’s autobiography).