Thursday, December 28, 2017

Klout Klub Revisited...The Slytherin.

What's it all about this time, Alfie?

Well, Bob Mackin had the inside scoop a few weeks ago...

...(Michael) Lee is the only rookie MLA (in the BC Liberal leadership race), but his backroom includes Clark Clique bigwigs such as Clark’s ex-husband Mark Marissen and Clark’s brother Bruce Clark...

And here you thought these fine folks would bow out of the picture gracefully.

Header reference?...Note the complete lack of traction on the tweet itself.



davemj said...

Markie Mark MR Shameless! or aka Droopy, and the Mexican Railroad Bandito, all we need now a couple of aides up on trial in Toronto Game on.They don't get it, do they? sure are giving their detractors lots of Ammo

Unknown said...

They honestly dont get it. 16 years of systematic graft,looting &corruption,business as usual,citizens are there to be ripped off,right? And money is the only passport that really matters. Dig into land onership gulf islands,s.e. van island. Our province? It is to laugh.