Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Site C, The Aftermath (ctd)....Three Point Seven.


It's not just the upfront billions and billions that we will pay for.

It will also be the cost of operating the thing that we will pay for.

And it looks like we could very well end up paying something on the order of double-plus-ungood compared to the price paid by those that actually buy the produced power.




John's Aghast said...

It's obviously an odorous decision.
I'd like to come back twenty years from now, just to see the fallout!

RossK said...


Other than dealing with some silly, and ultimately artificial, short term accounting issues, I honestly don't see the upside from a greater good point-of-view.


North Van's Grumps said...

Forget about The NDP fast cats. Site C will be remembered for as long as it stands 100 years. What a BC Liberal legacy!

Sub-Boreal said...

From overpriced make-work project to stranded asset in < 48 hours!!

Site C continues to set records!

Sheer genius.

Sub-Boreal said...

p.s. - Can't help thinking that the timing isn't coincidence: how better for Rachel to stick it to John?

Anonymous said...

new dinosaur party?

Unknown said...

Horgan couldnt win. Alberta,big oil,ottawa all lined up against cancelling. Does anyone think trudeau wouldnt play leverage games with our transfer payments? Thats what theyre for,to keep provinces in line. Monay &power may lose occaisionally,but not usually. And,of course,the best way to pay for anything is someone elses money(ours,for longer than ill be alive).

cfvua said...

Another "golden" opportunity to cut and run. Alternatives simply too cheap to avoid. North Bank risks higher than ever anticipated. Powerhouse/spillway pricing far exceeds budget. Far too costly to proceed, will appoint independent panel to manage integration of purchased items into economy minimizing any impact to taxpayer/ratepayers and amortizing appropriately negating any credit downgrade.

If you take half of your cash out of your pocket and put it in your other pocket would your banker lower your credit rating?

Anonymous said...

Have a look at the Tyee comment thread on Nikiforuk's piece covering the Site C cave in. Lawyer Rob Botterell wrote a letter (email) to Eby and Heyman about the problem(s) with the reason Horgan gave for continuing Site C

RossK said...

Thanks for the heads-up Anon-Above.


Anonymous said...

"We are simply addicted to our own bullshit..."