Thursday, December 14, 2017

I Know It's Not Really Bedford Falls, But...


....Every once in a while time, distance and reports like the following sure do make me wonder if the place where I grew up did, indeed, have a Bert the cop and an Ernie the taxi driver roaming its streets keeping me out of real trouble back when I was a teen-aged dumb boy:

Once, in that weird time between college and gradual school, one of those Berts, who, of course, knew my Dad, called him up in the middle of the night to come take the not-so prodigal son home from the drunk tank...Never, ever happened again (not even close, in fact, except for one ice-cold vodka-fueled Polish family Christmas party that took place some years later a stone's throw from that little cottage on Milvia in Berkeley California where Ti Jean wrote the Dharma book in days of yore)
And, just in case you click through to the actual story linked to in the tweet...I know that the story was actually written about Sidney...I actually spent lots of time out there too...Except there I was the one working to keep kids out of trouble...For the most part great cops, almost alway with kids best interest at heart, there also.


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