Thursday, December 07, 2017

Advent Jukebox, Day 7....The Rolling Hills Of Oregon.

The title to this edition of the Advent Juke comes from a line in from an Ian Felice song called the 'Mating Of The Doves' which has absolutely nothing to do with the holiday season, at least in a conventional sense.


Here is the broadest definition of 'advent':

"The arrival of a notable person or thing"

Which, taken in either very broad or very specific seasonal terms, pretty much fits Mr. Felice's tune, to a 'T I reckon'.

Here's my version....

Image at the top....The two E's, in earlier times, rambling across some rolling, if sandy hills of coastal Oregon.
As always....If you'd like to peruse the various tunes and tales in this year's Jukebox, they're all collected (with a few bonus bits of linear type).....Here.


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