Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Advent Jukebox, Day 16...Lights In The Sky Everywhere.


Moving on from 'Starry Starry Night' it's time for an particle/wave-based oracle story from that guy with the holey guitar that I blame for pretty much everything, at least as far as standing on street corners strumming goes.

Anyway, here's my version...

Image at the top of the post...The bright star 'Vega' captured at the Drew Observatory in Rhode Island by astronomer Scott MacNeill...More star tunes to follow, including one from those Big Pink fellas.
Looking for a little bit more digressive meandering about this, and a bunch of the other Advent Juke tunes too?...You can find it all...Here (scroll down past the player for the song stories).



Scotty on Denman said...

Beautiful, Ross. Made me go strum my old fender acoustic just to hear the crystaly crisp sound of steel strings you reminded me of.

I’m becoming soft in my dotage. Nylon is for my winter fingers.

Thnx again,


RossK said...

'Nylon in Winter' would be a heckuva name for a tune Scotty.


You want something superbly steel stringed and messy fun at the same time?


(it's worth the click through if only to see that the next pack of kids are alright)


Scotty on Denman said...

The kids are alright, alright. I’m assuming Kurt Vile is a stage name — or maybe Kurt was born in the next whisky bar.

I considered your idea but it kept morphing into “Nylons in Winter.”

Do the kids know what nylons are — or were —, these days?