Sunday, May 03, 2009

Campaign Day 20 (cont'd)....Guess What, The 'Unbiased' Debate Moderator....

.....Works For James Hoggan!


That's right.

That James Hoggan......the BC Liberal Party-connected PR guy named James Hoggan.....


According to Mr. T., Bill Tieleman, the moderator is an old newsreader named Russ Froese who, according to James Hoggan's own corporate website is one of his, surprise!, Senior Counsellors:

Russ Froese
Senior Counsellor

Russ Froese has more than 34 years of journalistic experience in radio and television, in Canada and abroad. He has been an investigative reporter for the dominant news radio station in western Canada, CKNW; a documentary producer and host for the national CBC news magazine program, The Journal; and 6 o'clock anchor and senior producer at Global Television Vancouver.

At Hoggan & Associates, Russ helps with crisis management and media training for corporate leaders, politicians, environmentalists and not-for-profit leaders.


An intersting side note to Mr. Hoggan's BC Liberal Party/Campbell Government bonafides is that he appears to be a person of interest being followed by the owner of a twitter feed that, on the face of it at least, appears to be Mr. Campbell's current Chief-Of-Staff.


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